Siasat.PK Is Stealing Our Content

When it comes to news related to Pakistani dramas, films, celebrities’ upcoming projects, latest Photoshoot, and more, is one of the most reliable sources of information in the country. With over a million followers on social media, attracts hundreds and thousands of readers every day.

Rather than relying upon others for the latest news, our staff digs deeps into the world of Pakistani entertainment to keep its readers updated with all the latest happenings. of course, this needs hours of research and effort.

Our staff thoroughly go through every interview or short clips of celebrities available on the internet to get some information that can be intriguing to our readers. Not just that, our staff also keep a close eye on the social media accounts of hundreds of our celebrities for any major announcement, a response to any controversy or their latest photoshoots, so that our readers don’t miss anything.

Having said that, let’s move towards how our content is being stolen by the “top” blogs of Pakistan without giving us any credit for our hard work. These blogs have been blatantly copying our content and garnering thousands of views on their blogs every day.

This blog includes Siasat.PK and many more. To support our claim, here we are attaching links of the news we have done and the blogs mentioned above have either copied it or have stolen our ideas with a slight difference and published on their websites the same day or the day after we have published.

Here are a few examples of our content being copied:

The Most INSPIRATIONAL Male Characters In The Recent Pakistani Dramas That We Must Admire! (published by Siasat.PK on Jul 31, 2020).

Looking at the titles, we cannot help but laugh. The so-called ‘biggest digital media platform’ can’t even come up with their own titles and just like our content, they copy our titles as well.

There isn’t an instance where these blogs have published any of the news published on our website before us. These are just a handful of examples of how our content was stolen and is still being done.

We would like to take this opportunity to request these blogs to kindly do some hard work rather than stealing our content.

sumbal shah

  • Intellectual property must be respected specially by key brands like ProPakistani and – they may not be aware of it and content writers might be offering the content as their own. I hope they will take notice of it and rectify the mistake.

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