Simple ways to organize your kitchen

Simple ways to organize your kitchen

Kitchens are a haven for cooking and baking, but a messy kitchen makes things difficult and only adds up to extra work. Surely, you don’t want to spend hours and hours in the kitchen, so here are a few simple steps on how to organize your kitchen:

Don’t pile up dirty dishes

Simple ways to organize your kitchen

Always wash your dirty dishes, cutlery and cooking utensils before leaving the kitchen. Piled up dirty dishes can not only make the kitchen smell but also attract unwanted bacteria. Wash the dishes as soon as you use them.

You can also wash simultaneously when you’re cooking or baking something so you won’t have an impossibly huge pile to welcome and scare you once you’re done.

Decide what you need on the counter tops

Simple ways to organize your kitchen

Kitchen counter tops need kept functional yet spacious. You should keep all the things you need everyday on counter tops such as spices, tea, sugar, etc. Anything which is used infrequently can be kept away in storage and taken out when needed. Gadgets such as toasters, kettles can be kept on the tops but others such as juicer, grinders can be kept in storage.

Tupperware, baking pans, cookbooks, etc can be kept away in storage and taken out when needed.

If you keep your counter tops organized and de-cluttered, it will not only look professional but also make your work in the kitchen much easier.

Put kitchen appliances away

Simple ways to organize your kitchen

Surely, you need the toaster and kettle to use almost everyday. Organize them properly on kitchen tops with the cords tucked behind them so they don’t take up a lot of space and make your kitchen look neat.

But other appliances like juicer or grinder need to be cleaned properly after every use and stored properly.

Designate a cabinet to these so you’ll know where they are so you can take them out when you need them.

Keep cabinets organized

Simple ways to organize your kitchen

An organized kitchen cabinet can make your life so much easier. You can designate cabinets to plates, cups, mugs, glasses, trays, tupperware and so on. Additionally, you can get rid of things which you don’t use anymore or which aren’t in good condition.

Organised kitchen cabinets will not only make your space look clean and organised but also make it more functional.

Avoid putting things on the fridge door

Simple ways to organize your kitchen

Many people love putting fridge magnets and bulletins on the fridge door but such decorative items only make the kitchen look a tad bit messy. This doesn’t mean you can’t add them at all, choose only a few items to place on to the fridge so it still looks appealing.

Don’t leave cooking utensils or cutlery out

Simple ways to organize your kitchen

Always be sure to put your cooking utensils and cutlery in cabinets after they have been used, cleaned and are dry. Leaving them lying on the rack while only leave your kitchen looking unorganized and messy, while unused storage space will just go to waste.