Sinf e Aahan Episode 11 Story Review – Emotionally Charged Episode

Ohkay so, it was an emotionally charged episode of Sinf e Aahan. The girls, their stories & their interactions make Sinf e Aahan a breath of fresh air. It is beautiful that through each one of them, they are reinforcing what girls are capable of if they put their mind to something. This episode was a little special because, despite all the struggles, it gave an insight into what life at PMA means to them. They worded their letters beautifully & it also showed how they have started to see their family members differently too. The training has definitely started to bring a change in each one of them & it is a treat to witness it all.

The Letters To The Families

It all started with Mahjabeen’s letter to her parents. Mahjabeen, being the only child has faced the brunt of her parents’ bitter relationship a lot more. Although her parents did their best to provide her comfort & luxury she could never really convey what she longed for the most. Mahjabeen was definitely the one who wanted to quit but now as the days have passed, she has not only started to see the meaning behind it all but has also started feeling worthy of glory that will come her way as an Army personnel. For the first time, Mahjabeen felt she was in a position to address her concerns & issues but she didn’t do it out of animosity, it all came from a place of concern & more so, from someone who got the time to contemplate & realize what was missing from her life & what she wanted out of it too.

Shaista’s letter to her Dadi was just so cute. I loved the way she linked her life at PMA to the treatment Daherdi gave to her. It was beautiful how easily she could relate it all & present a true picture of what her life as a cadet was; full of challenges, hardships but teaching her the true meaning of it all & most importantly, her worth. My favorite moments definitely were how at the end of each one of their letters, they saw their pictures, with a sense of pride & honor in their eyes. It was like they all were proud of what they were doing for themselves as well as their country. That was absolutely emotional & very heart-warming.

Rabia’s letter to her brother was also very sweet. Rabia’s character is so simple therefore it is very easy to relate to her. I like how she is always very playful with her colleagues, yet very focused when she is training. She never truly lets anyone know what she is feeling but the way she worded her feelings in the letter showed that to date, she has only felt comfortable sharing every little detail with her brother Daniyal. Therefore now when she got a chance, she decided to write the letter to her brother first. It also showed that because Daniyal was supportive of her decision, she felt she owed it to him. Rabia has never really said anything against her mother’s mindset but the way she spoke about the entire proposal culture went to show that it kind of hurt her a little how her mother made her go through it all. Rabia has always been very sorted & knows her worth but still seeing her having a lot of pride in her eyes while looking at her picture was again really very special.

It won’t be an episode of Sinf e Aahan with a bit of fun shared between the girls. Rabia being Rabia found out that Nathmy understood Urdu. The entire conversation that followed after was really cute. Pariwesh & Shaista has also formed an opinion about Mahjabeen & Rabia, therefore it can be foreseen that these two will try their best to patch things up between Mahjabeen & Rabia. While going through the letter that Rabia wrote to Daniyal & the way she spoke so highly of him, it kind of made sense why Rabia is so ticked off at Mahjabeen. It is quite obvious that Daniyal means the entire world to Rabia, therefore she wouldn’t have been able to handle the rejection of her brother by Mahjabeen. This is what I feel must’ve happened between them.

As much as I do understand the perspective they have tried to show through Kiran’s character, I really find myself getting distracted every time there is a scene or two revolving around her. They have definitely shown what a wife goes through when she loses her husband. I do understand the emotionality of it & the sensitivity of it as well but I am not sure why it stops just right there. I don’t find myself getting drawn to Kiran’s character to find out more about her. Maybe, it would’ve changed if some other actor had played that role but I really find it hard to warm up to this particular character or track. Showing Taimoor’s journey through Osma would’ve been enough but to show it through Kiran seems a bit of a stretch, especially how we have recently seen Sonia Mishal playing such a somber role in Neeli Zinda Hai, it literally feels she has walked from one set to another because the mood & the overall vibe is absolutely the same.

Thoroughly Enjoyable

This episode of Sinf e Aahan was thoroughly enjoyable. At the end of the episode, I did find the screaming a little too stretched & off-putting. It felt like it just was not stopping therefore I had to lower the TV’s volume. I feel so far Mahjabeen’s character has gotten way more exposure than the rest of them. There is no doubt about the fact that Kubra Khan has played her role to perfection but it’s just that the other characters are special & favorite too. Therefore after every episode, it always feels like none of them got as much attention as Mahjabeen does, which kind of makes me wait for the next episode & then the same pattern repeats. I am definitely looking forward to Pariwesh & Arzoo’s letters to their parents. Also, it seems Nathmy’s search will eventually lead her to her father’s friend & the one helping her out will be Maj. Osama. Overall, the direction & acting of Sinf e Aahan has been very convincing. The writing has been phenomenal too. The execution at times does make things a little stretched but overall, its a wonderful drama to tune to. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sinf e Aahan.

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