Social Media Criticises Ushna Shah’s New Photoshoot

Ushna Shah is a Pakistani-Canadian Actress. She has started making name for herself in the past few years and has managed to gain a good fan-following too. But fans are not only what she has gained, a lot of haters of Ushna Shah are also found quite easily now. The girl dresses rather boldly, we all know that. One of her photoshoots was heavily criticised by our social media warriors. In the age of internet, it has become very easy to sit down behind your computer screen and let your fingers do all the dirty work. Type whatever comes into your mind as you won’t be held accountable for it. Social media loves to judge each and everything especially when it comes to celebrities. The pictures compiled in the video below offended many of these social media warriors. Watch the video and learn what made these ninjas  type like crazy on their keyboards:



Arsala Khalid