Here’s what Sanam Baloch did when Sanam Saeed Was Missing Huma Nawab!

Few things have managed to bring such a smile to my face as the video below. A lot of us have friends that we don’t get to meet often because of long distance or some other reason. But the fact remains that we miss their company every day. Our celebrities are no different; friendships are just as important to them as they are to us. Hence it is justified for Sanam Saeed to miss one of her very good friends that she hadn’t met in a long time. She expressed her sadness for not meeting her friend since long and Sanam Baloch told her she totally understood her. They then discussed Huma Nawab’s (the person Sanam Saeed was missing) career. The mood of the show suddenly became sad but it didn’t last very long! Sanam Baloch did something so good that left Sanam Saeed glowing radiantly !

Arsala Khalid