Zaid Ali And Yumna Zaid’s Wedding (Walima) Reception!

Zaid Ali is a famous Canadian based Pakistani Comedian. He gained a massive fan-following by posting different comedic skits on his facebook page. Last week when this internet sensation announced that he is a married man now, he left the internet shocked and dying to know more about his wife, many even believed he was just joking. Finally pictures of his wife were revealed and people started believing that it wasn’t a prank from Zaid after all. Many stars and fans congratulated the young couple and even gave them their best wishes and blessings. Zaid has shared quite a few posts about his wife and even declared his love for her in words (as if his eyes weren’t saying enough) in some posts. Zaid and Yumna in one word look adorable together. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below that contains pictures of his Walima:


Arsala Khalid