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Sultanat-e-Dil: Episode 1-2

SeD is the latest offering by Geo TV,produced by A & B Productions and directed by Syed Ali Raza Osama.

We have Riyasat Shahpur and a family of nawabs, headed by Mehtab Bano/ Begum Nawab, who has two sons, the elder one Farhan Shah (Abdullah Ejaz) and the younger one Wajdan Shah (Sami Khan). Yeh mulk 68 saal purana hai magar yeh riyasat 300 saal purani….. Begum Nawab has two sides to herself, on one hand she is a dictatorial and pitiless person who believes in punishing her enemies the worst way possible. On the other hand she is a mother who wants her sons to discuss their problems with her and trust her.Unfortunately her sons have seen her first side only.

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Farhan and Wajdan are totally different from their mother. Farhan is a forgiving person who wants the people of his riyasat, whether friends or foes, to be treated with kindness. Ham ne apne mukhalfeen ko hamesha aman ka pegham diya hai…..He is married to Rania (Aleezay Rasool) and they are about to have a child, the waaris of Riyasat Shahpur. 

Wajdan Shah is in love. He has no interest in the affairs if the state. His love interest Anoushey (Sarah Khan) and him are faced with a problem. The problem being the girl’s dad, who wants to marry her off to the man of his choice. Wajdan knows that their families won’t agree to their wedding and that’s why he’s helpless. We are yet to know what enmity both the families have.

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After the go-dd bharai of his wife, Farhan Shah receives news that one of his factories has been burnt down but the culprits have been caught. He immediately drives to the factory, where he gives a heartfelt speech on how the people who have been caught are merely stooges, the person who sent them is the real culprit and that he would love to shake hands with him. In the end he lets them go.One  likes his character straightaway and especially since Abdullah Ejaz has acted well.

Farhan agrees to go to Anoushey’s house for a rishta and Wajdan is the happiest person on earth. However, he first has to go to London for 3 days . The night before his flight, his mother hands over a file to him. Tumharay abba ke khuwab hain iss mein….. (Really want to know what’s in the file ASAP!) And the next day On his way to the airport , the writer does to him what the writers do to all the likeable characters, kill him! That too with a huge truck!

After Farhan’s death, Begum Nawab, who has herself felt the pain and helplessness of being a widow in the past, decides that in order to protect Rania and her child, Wajdan must marry Rania. Ofcourse, Wajdan is taken aback. He tries to protest, but Begum Nawab refuses to hear anything from his side. Mere faisle se ikhtilaaf karne ki himmat aienda kabhi mat karna….tumhara bachpana chala gaya…..woh chala gaya jo tumharay nakhrey uthata thha….


Rania has the same reaction. She can not even think of marrying Wajdan, who is just like a brother to her.

Anoushey has come across as a person who cares just about herself, but is smart for her own good. Just after Farhan’s death, she started bugging Wajdan to send a rishta to her house. She knows that waiting right now might cause problems later.

Begum Nawab is even more pitiless now. She is sure that Farhan was murdered, and now she is not ready to trust anyone. Dushmanon se haath milana chahta thha…jan haar gaya…. If Wajdan refuses to obey her, she might throw him out of her life too. I found it weird that Asma Abbas’s makeup and colourful clothes came back just one scene after Farhan’s death.

Poor Wajdan tries not only to convince his mother but Anoushey’s father (Mazhar Hayat) too. I don’t think his opinion would have differed if Begum Nawab had not dhamki-fied him. But I really understand his point that this marriage will cause problems for both Anoushey and Wajdan. Where will they live after marriage? And how will he supply for her? Wajdan’s purple attire in that scene was really distracting.

So Wajdan is stuck pretty bad in this situation. Pleasing his mother would mean leaving the love of his life and marrying the love of his life would mean leaving the entire state forever. How many times do our heroes face this problem?

Jitni bhi dafa ho, I had fun watching these two episodes. The actors have done a good job, but Aleezay Rasool needs to improve her dialogue delivery. The main couple is fresh and easy on the eyes. Although I haven’t started rooting for them yet, let’s see if they can impress me in the future episodes. I really wish they had chosen another house for the setting. A new setting would have probably had that riyasat-wala-effect on me.

SeD is a good option on Thursdays. Are you watching it? If you are, let me know your thoughts.

Areeba Mohsen