Tabeer Episode 4 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tabeer took the story forward but the overall pace of the drama is a bit in the slower side because there are not many characters or tracks which can make this drama a bit happening, but overall, it still is a decent watch!

Ajju’s character got a little detailed introduction in this episode. Ajju is an opportunist who puts himself before anyone else. Ajju is quite analytical when it comes to making money that is why he keeps on resorting to short cuts to double what he has. Ajju obviously has his sights on Tabeer but he is not doing anything for now which might make his intentions a bit more obvious!

Tabeer thought she had lost Daadi but fortunately, she just had a fever. Daadi & Tabeer’s relationship is sweet. It is also nice to see Ajju’s sister in law helping Tabeer & Daadi in the hour of need, whereas she is not aware of the fact that Ajju & his brother have decided to stay at Daadi’s house from now on!

I find Fawad’s mother’s obsession with her son & those tantrums that she throws when he is unable to give her some attention quite unreasonable & funny. Even though it was sweet that she wanted to surprise her grown up son on his birthday, it was hard to digest that she conveniently ignored that Zarnish was in hospital & probably on her death bed. No matter how unreasonable a person must be, I am sure no one can ignore someone who is terminally ill.

Zarnish arranged a little surprise for Fawad & that was the last time they both made a little memory together. Zarnish passed away after having a baby & on the other hand Tabeer had a baby boy too. Saniya is heart broken because of Fawad & she still is in love with him, because of which she sent him a bouquet on his birthday. Not sure what role she will play in Fawad’s life now. Let’s see how the story will unfold from now on. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tabeer.

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