Khudgarz Episode 21 Review – Heart-breaking!

I am sure every single viewer must have watched this episode of Khudgarz with teary eyes because not only all the emotions were powerfully portrayed but also because everyone formed such a deep connection with Junaid’s character that his death left us all broken hearted!

Munawwar had a lot to say to Junaid but the sad part was, he was not going to listen to him the way he used to, all his life. Munawwar was left with nothing but regrets & that is what actually happens, when someone you love leaves & when you don’t get a chance to share what you have in your heart. Junaid also left in such circumstances that everyone is left with regrets for the rest of their lives as they know that they wronged him, except Aairah!

Hassan poured his heart out to Omar & even though Omar told him to, Hassan knew he had no courage to face his family, especially Junaid. All the things that Hassan said regarding everything that Junaid used to do for him was so realistic, this is how usually everyone remembers their dear ones when they pass away.

Unfortunately, because Hassan has left such a bad impression on everyone, both Raheel & Abeer were forced to misunderstand him because they felt he was being egoistic even after finding out about Junaid’s death. Abeer & Raheel have seen Hassan at his worst & because they have no idea that that he has changed, they both still believed that Hassan didn’t care much about Junaid or his parents to come see them in such a dark.time.

Abeer’s role during such a tough phase in Aairah’s life is praise worthy. It was also quite good to see Salma having Abeer by her side because she shared what was in her heart with Abeer, otherwise Salma didn’t have anyone who would listen to her. Abeer tried to give Aairah some courage & support but broke down because she couldn’t see her friend suffering. Abeer exactly knew that Aairah could harm herself & in order to fight her depression, she could once again resort to sleeping pills but sadly, Salma didn’t allow Abeer to take Aairah with her which would’ve been so much better for Aairah’s mental health. Rabeea’s reaction after seeing Junaid’s daughter was heart breaking too. So many people were affected by his death, which shows how well & truly loved he was but sadly, Munawwar & Hassan wronged him & before they could apologize, he left!

Well, the lawyer told Munawwar which left him embarrassed. Munawwar taunted Junaid for the money he spent on him but now he got to know that Junaid even after his death paid him back for all that he had done for him. Junaid gave Munawwar back everything that he spent on him & he left this world having a clean slate without owing anything to anyone!

This episode was so so so heart breaking & the spot on direction took every emotion a notch higher too. Amina Sheikh, Sami Khan, Ghulam Mohhiuddin & Mansha Pasha acted phenomenally in this episode. Uf it was so emotional, still can’t get over it. The discussion that the readers had under previous episode’s review showed how deeply this drama, its story & its characters has affected everyone. It is commendable that the team of this drama succeeded in portraying reality in such a convincing manner that we all were reminded of our loved ones who are no more with us! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khudgarz.

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