Tabeer Episode 6 Review – A Decent Watch!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tabeer took the story forward a great deal. Even though you can totally foresee the turn of events but still, the way this story has been dramatized makes you tune to it. In a nutshell, Tabeer is a story of two people who will become a ray of hope for each other in their darkest of times!

Ajju stole the cheque which guarateed a roof over Daadi & Tabeer’s head & because he couldn’t get it cashed, he was irresponsible enough to tear it into pieces. All this while I kept on hoping that after a failed attempt Ajju might go back & put the cheque back in Tabeer’s closet but he didn’t.

Daadi keeps on getting reminders about how nice & helpful Yasir was even to strangers & the way she returned from the grocery store crying while remembering Yasir was very emotional. Well, Tabeer & Daadi were thrown out of their house because they couldn’t give the remainder amount to the owners & it was amusing to see Ajju being tagged along with them too, like seriously he is responsible for everything & there he was playing the victim.

Fawad & his mother were struggling to take care of the newborn & they got a clear answer from the doctor that the baby needed natural nursing. Even though Fawad’s mother tried, she couldn’t really convince anyone to help her & be committed to such a big responsibility.

Well, Tabeer finally contacted Fawad because she knew that he was the only one who could help her in this hour of need. It was overall interesting to see how both Fawad & Tabeer were brought together by the destiny to help each other out. It looks like Fawad’s mother will try to put a price tag on the favor she will be needing from Tabeer in taking care of the newborn & nursing him.

This episode of Tabeer was decent. Though you can predict what the story is all about, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a decent drama to tune to. The acting & the direction has been excellent too. Please share your thoughts.

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