Tabeer Episode 7 – Review!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tabeer was decent. I am glad that the story is being taken forward in a convincing manner. Though the scenes are a bit stretched & are covered slowly but overall, it has become a pretty decent drama to tune to.

Saniya’s past was revealed & the reason behind her depression was shown to be Fawad & his reaction. Saniya misunderstood his attention & friendship as love but Fawad was already in love with Zarnish. Saniya couldn’t cope up with it but then again, she does seen to be someone who can easily get obsessed with a person & misunderstand their intentions. It was sad that her friend was now once again trying to give her a ray of hope by telling her that she should try to get back with Fawad but I think Saniya should not fancy this idea anymore to prevent herself from another heartbreak.

Fawad decided to help Tabeer because he genuinely respected Yasir. The conversation between Tabeer & Fawad was nice. Finally, Tabeer got to know the dynamics in Fawad’s house & even though at first she was taken aback by his mother’s demand of nursing the baby, Tabeer being a mother herself couldn’t resist helping the poor baby.

I really think Fawad’s mother should have approached Tabeer with humility in stead of trying to make it look like she was paying her a huge price for the favor she was asking from her. To be honest, our dramas are filled with negative characters & in a drama like Tabeer I really don’t see the need of a negative cold-hearted mother like her who is seeing her son’s suffering but still doesn’t learn anything from it. The way she was looking down on Tabeer was annoying. I hope she changes or she doesn’t get much coverage. I mean for a character whose name even hasn’t been introduced till date, she is quite something!

Tabeer & Fawad’s interactions were decent. At least Fawad realizes what Tabeer has done for his child & he knows he can never pay her back. It looks like Tabeer genuinely grew concerned towards that child, that is why without even being asked for it, she went to nurse the child.

Overall, it was a decent episode. I really hope Fawad’s mother doesn’t get much coverage because she is unnecessarily rigid & stern. The acting & direction of this drama is good too. Please share your thoughts.

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