Khudgarz Last Episode Review – A Complete Ending!

Khudgarz finally got a closure & now when it has ended, I totally believe that this drama couldn’t have met a better ending. Even though things became a bit too realistically depressing, I feel the writer didn’t lose a grip on the script. Though there were a lot of possibilities if the character of Aairah hadn’t died but I will respect the writer’s approach because no matter what, it can not be denied that Khudgarz turned out to be one of the strongest dramas in terms of storyline, direction, acting & characterization.

The fact that this drama was titled after Hassan; Khudgarz, this episode perfectly brought an end to everything with Hassan & his journey being the focal point, justifying why this drama was named after him. The theme of the drama was always about Hassan, a soul that lost its direction who then started walking on the path of self-discovery after a lot of destruction. I know some readers might not agree because we all have loved Junaid & Aairah’s characters but after watching the end of this drama, it became a bit more clear that this story was not about anyone else but only & only Hassan. Even though they were very strong characters with whom we formed a very strong bond but this fact always remained underlined that by the end of the day, everything revolved around Hassan, what he did, how he did & most importantly how he affected others’ lives.

Hassan finally realized that he had to do right by Dua & he also had to apologize to Abeer for what he put up her with, that is why he paid a visit to her place. Hassan knew that the least he could do for Dua was to secure her future & he did just that. Hassan’s apology to Abeer was heartfelt & genuine but I don’t blame Abeer for not giving him the luxury of her forgiveness because he mistreated her enough to leave her emotionally scarred for the rest of her life.

Hassan finally got a validation from his mother that at least she trusted him & she believed that he had changed for the better. This was something that Hassan longed for & for someone who is trying to undo everything that he has done in the past, a little support, some assurance, some faith & a response acknowledging their effort is all one needs & this is exactly why Hassan broke down when he heard that even after all this Salma believed in him & had faith in him!

Abeer & Raheel raised Dua with love, care & attention & it was good to see that even after they had their own child, it just didn’t change anything because Dua still meant everything to them. It was nice to see that Abeer had kept in touch with Salma & also had instilled this fact in Dua that they were a family. I must say, it was beautifully shown that though Abeer must not have forgiven Hassan for what he did to her, she still wasn’t selfish enough to deprive him of his right of being known to Dua, it was may be her way of accepting his apology & realizing that Hassan genuinely loved Dua. I was also surprised when Dua spoke about Aairah & Junaid, in my opinion it was pretty realistic that despite raising her as their own, Abeer & Raheel introduced Dua to Junaid & Aairah & let her know that they were her biological parents. The scene where Hassan broke down in front of Dua was so heart wrenching. No matter how many years may have passed, the guilt of harming both Junaid & Aairah still weighed Hassan down & though others might have forgiven him, he still didn’t forgive himself. To see Omar & the orphanage being a part of Hassan’s life was nice. He learned from his mistakes, though the hard way but he really did & it was nice to see him showering love & mercy on such kids who needed it the most.

Even though things got pretty intense by the end but now when the drama has finally ended, I feel content because I don’t think anything was left out & in my opinion everything got a proper ending with no loose ends. Yes, may be a few scenes of Munawwar guiding & supporting Hassan would’ve been better but I guess may be Ghulam Mohiuddin was not available that is why it was casually suggested that Munawwar’s character passed away. I will definitely be taking away quite a lot from this drama, the highlights like strong women, an amazing friendship, how two ladies helped each other out in their darkest of times, a marriage which started off as a compromise later budding into a beautiful relationship based on respect, compassion & true love. Every single aspect of this story was beautiful. I loved all the positive characters & appreciate the journey of negative characters too. Aairah was definitely my favorite character followed by Omar & Junaid. Amina Sheikh, Sami Khan & Syed Jibran were the stars of this show & they were equally & strongly supported by Mansha Pasha, Salman Saeed, Yasir Nawaz, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Mehmood Akhtar & Shaheen Khan. Yasir Nawaz once again proved what an ace director he is & it was good to see him act after a long time too. Writer Rida Bilal definitely gave us a memorable drama with some amazing characters so she should take a bow because to bring reality that too with such strong grip & conviction is no easy feat. The way Rida Bilal elaborated emotions & intelligently tackled the subject like depression & jealousy really made this script stand out. The entire team of Khudgarz should be very very proud of their efforts & yes, I have fallen in love with its OST as well. Please share your thoughts about the final episode of Khudgarz.

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