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Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 21 Review – Acting At Its Best!

This episode yet again belonged to all those talented actors who have made this drama a treat to watch and also the director of this show who has left no stone unturned to translate a difficult script effectively on screen. Tipu’s character could have been a huge miss had it not been translated on screen exceptionally well by Imran Ashraf. Tipu has some serious issues because of the way he was brought up but right now he knows exactly what he wants and he will do anything to make sure that Zoya and Faris end up together. Tipu knew that this marriage could never take place unless Maya was out of the way. Maya’s reaction to everything Tipu did in this episode was also right on point. Someone like her wasn’t going to allow Tipu to dictate to her therefore she did everything in her power to intimidate him. The hatred in Maya’s eyes whenever she talked to Tipu clearly showed that she wasn’t going to let Tipu have his way easily.

I have to say that watching Tipu drag Maya out of her house in front of her parents was unpleasant and I couldn’t help but wonder how all her family members including Zoya be so selfish. Even though Maya isn’t a likeable person and she never considered her family’s feelings while making all her decisions but even then somehow I have always felt for her. Even though she has been extremely callous and thankless especially when it comes to her relationships but even then her character doesn’t have a negative streak. She comes across as someone who is gullible and naïve and not someone who is negative. Ayeza Khan has been faultless as Maya throughout but her performance tonight was absolutely brilliant. Maya went through a great deal in this episode therefore translating her feelings on screen wasn’t an easy task but Ayeza Khan translated Maya’s shock, over confidence, fear and anger impeccably on screen. Her styling and make-up too has been picture perfect in this drama, it is great to see her experimenting both with her looks as well as the kind of characters she has been playing lately. There was a time when she was continuously playing roles which were very similar to one another and didn’t have a lot of room for performance but that is not the case now.

Lubna’s dialogues in tonight’s episode were somewhat misleading. Faris is gradually welcoming her in his home but her real friendship right now is with Uncle Siraj more than Faris. I am waiting to find out Uncle Siraj’s background story since his character has always been intriguing. Sami Khan and Rehan Sheikh have been performing superbly right from the get-go. Although both of them are exceptionally talented actors but I have never liked them more in any other drama. Their roles are challenging because their characters are neither one-dimensional nor are they simple therefore both these actors got an opportunity to prove their mettle and they made the most of it.

It was good to see someone giving Maya a reality check. She finally realized that Faris might not take her back once she took a divorce from Tipu but she had a lot more to deal with once she found out that getting the divorce wasn’t going to be easy. The fact that Maya never paused to think about this particular aspect of her decision goes to show how impulsive she is. She never thought things through when she left Faris for Saif and this time around too she made such a big decision in haste.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Zoya and Faris will get Zoya’s father’s blessings. I am waiting to hear why Maya’s father allowed Tipu to do all this to his daughter. Is he trying to make up for all those times when he didn’t give Zoya the love and attention she deserved because it upset Maya? The story took an interesting turn with this episode and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 21
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