Tawaan Episode 29 Story Review – Emotional

Opening Thoughts – Intense & Emotional:

Ohkay so, this episode of Tawaan was intense & emotional. It covered all the aspects of how a girl feels when she is emotionally deceived & betrayed. It was very convincingly shown that when two individuals fall apart, not only them but the people surrounding them suffer a lot too.

Shehroz Failed To Admit That He Loved Maryam:

Maryam left Shehroz’s side because this is what she deemed fit. Maryam, who did so much only on the basis of hope that one day she will earn a place for herself in Shehroz’s heart was now the one deciding to back out because she was left with no motivation whatsoever. Shehroz clearly told her what was her position in his life therefore Maryam who would never ever compromise on her dignity immediately left without questioning him or reasoning with him because she couldn’t take it anymore. Maryam was suffering alone but finally she decided to let her parents know as she wanted their support to come to a final decision.

Even though Shehroz succeeded in ruining Zaman’s life but deep inside even he was not completely satisfied or relieved because he knew that in the course of making all this possible, he hurt his wife, he hurt Maryam who was probably the most precious person in his life. Shehroz’s ego was not allowing him to admit that he missed Maryam’s presence but throughout the episode, I loved how it was made so obvious that Shehroz was disturbed too. Even though Shehroz was fighting with everyone & trying hard to convince them all that he was right but he knew that no one was going to support him because they all loved Maryam & were reiterating that Maryam didn’t deserve this in return for her loyalty & effort that she put into this relationship. Shehroz’s ego was also hurt because it was Maryam who walked away & he couldn’t really come to terms with it.

The phone call from the househelp & Shehroz’s reaction to it showcased how he was hurting for Maryam, it did show that he cared & that is why he continued to make Maryam understand. Unfortunately, Maryam realized that Mahnoor’s love had him tangled so bad that she couldn’t really make him forget her so there was no point in trying any further. Shehroz still didn’t say that he loved her & that she meant a lot to him but, rather he thought that assuring Maryam that his statement meant nothing would be enough but actually it wasn’t.

Wajahat was shaken & he knew that this was not what Maryam deserved. Wajahat could see that Shehroz was unhappy, he was emotionally & mentally scattered but he let Shehroz know what Maryam wanted. It did seem like while Shabana was content with the idea of Shehroz still being in love with Mahnoor, she could see how he was struggling without Maryam but she too didn’t want to admit to that. I do have a feeling that in the end it might be Shabana who will bring Maryam back.

Even though we all know that things will eventually work out between Maryam & Shehroz but I liked how Maryam left on her own terms & didn’t settle for Shehroz’s demeaning & belittling attitude. It is good to see her being so dignified & having the sense of self-respect. Maryam tried really hard but when she saw that Shehroz crossed the line, she didn’t think twice before walking out of his life & that really is a definition of a strong female character.

Closing Thoughts – The Final Blow:

This episode of Tawaan was done well. The preview of the next episode seems quite dramatic. May be seeing yet another sacrifice by Maryam, Shehroz will finally be able to give words to his feelings that he has fallen in love with Maryam & she means a lot to him. I have a feeling that may be Tawaan will end next week but I will say that it has been a very nice journey & even if it ends, it still seems decent & not rushed at all. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tawaan.

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