Team Superstar Lying About The IMDB Ratings

The team of Superstar has left no stone unturned to ensure that people buy the tickets and watch the film. From interviews to promises that this film will deliver, the team has done everything in its power to make this film a hit in the cinemas. While it is their right to do whatever they can to convince the audience to watch their films, it is highly unethical how the audience are being lied to as far as the actual figures are concerned.

Bilal Ashraf, who is playing the lead alongside Mahira Khan in the film posted IMDb’s rating on his Instagram story. This rating was 9/10 which would mean that IMDb highly recommends the movie. A lot of people read the reviews and check these ratings on IMDb before deciding whether they want to watch a movie or not.


Now, if you actually check the IMDb’s website the rating is completely different.

Superstar 2

This basically shows how desperate the team Superstar are to sell their film! The rating has been falling ever since the film premiered for the general public.

It seems like the team Superstar has taken the competition a little too seriously and are now resorting to tactics which are highly unethical.

Superstar – Movie Review | Watch it or NOT?

Fatima Awan

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  • Another dumb choice of Mahira
    ..Superstar is supreme 3rd class movie , don’t waste your money…

  • waisting money…3ard class movie..I never give up to watch our movies but please do some thing different according to our values….

  • Hi Fatima, You are right, IMDb still shows 6.3 rating. They should not cheat like this. If they have shown 9/10 as just rating (not IMDb rating), then we can understand. IMDb can legally object the producers or promoters. Regarding IMDb, it is very authentic site for rating. I frequently use it for Hollywood details like their upcoming projects for certain directors, actors and trailers, etc.

      • no they are not Fatima you should have come with a better content for your rating! cause i have proof rating have changed i do agree but they are not lying i’m following the movie from the very first day and the post was uploaded on the very next day so stop defaming them i can provide screenshot as a proof to you but there is no option here for the attachment

  • Buhut hi zabardast aur achi neend aayi movie main , intehai fresh ho ker bahir aaya.
    Jin ko sleeping pills khane ki habbit ho wo ye movie purchase ker ke dekhain, phir sleeping pills laine ki nobat nahin aaye gi
    It’s basically revival of Indian cinema in pakistan

  • Firdaus jamal vs mahira khan and momina duraid controversy could not save it.infact woment card too went waste.momina and mahira should say sorry to Firdaus saheb publically.lagta hai unki ah lag gai hai

    • Mahira has nothing to apologise for it should be Mr Jamal apologising for his ageist remarks.

      But when we have woman like you supporting these remarks then what hope of change in Pakistan!

  • IMDB rating is still best among Eid releases. I have watched both superstar and parey hutt love. Superstar was way better.

  • I did not eatch the movie nor do I know anything about it but when I saw on instagram that it is 9/10 I actually went and checked on the website and at that instant of time it was actually 9/10

  • I knew that the much hyped film would not be that great.
    In fact every movie speaks for itself.
    The first public premiere is always the biggest advertisement

  • Well, It is currently 5.6.
    Here is the thing, ratings will continue to change by the hour, then by the days, and weeks, and months to come. It might have touched the mark 9. It didn’t stay there and went down. It may not even stay so low there too and hike it’s way up. So keep your minds open.
    Having said that, I did go thru the only five critic reviews posted ( note NOT user reviews in the comment section in IMDb) , and they all unanimously praised the movie and especially the performances. I m talking about the, Dawn blogs, and the likes of it.
    So let’s not be judgy. It’s too early for that.

  • Fatima this is worse article ever written by you. HUMTV is not ARY who will lie and rating was 9/10 on the first day and then it got changed.and today on 16th August it is7.8/10 .Shame on you for writing such horrible article. You level have came down so low that i cannot even stand with you. TRP di game sari ..Goodluck at list by writing such low articles you were will get enough people to abuse HUMTV and Mahira which is ur purpose to write this article but Mahir and Humtv are not limited to you guys to be who they are . I advise you to better stop watching anything related to HUMTv and specially leave Mahira alone.

    • Ap pura homework ker k aur baat ko samajh ker msg kyun naheen kertay. Yahan IMDb ki baat horahee hai aur IMDb ki website aj to 5.6/10 dikha rahee hai, means mazeed decline…LOL!

  • According to IMDb Top Rated Movies, the two highest rated movies are The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and The Godfather (1972), each with a 9.2 IMDb rating.

  • I am glad you wrote this article Fatima! Thank you !

    Team superstar this is so unethical! Even if IMDB rating was 9.0 to start with, it is now 5.5! And this by any standard, is misleading the public- in other words, a desperate attempt to save their film! This is like the difference between an A student and a D student I agree with Firdous Jamal that Mahira khan is not a good actor and not that young anymore, although I don’t agree with his choice of words. She always does the same type of roles. We have so many amazing Pakistani actresses in our dramas. Why the favoritism? And yes, shame on you Momina Duraid for banning Firdous Jamal abd discrediting all his body of work based on an opinion?! At least respect his seniority! Where are our values?!

  • Excellent performance
    in super Star
    Maira Khan
    Bilal ashraf
    Nadeem bag
    Javed sheikh
    Marina Khan
    Aslam sheikh
    Adnan shah
    Production direction cenima to graphy excellent 👍

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