Teasers for Nadia Jamil starrer Damsa highlight child trafficking

Nadia Jamil is coming back to television screens after a hiatus of two years with a bone chilling project, titled Damsa. Teasers of the drama have already started doing rounds on ARY Digital and from what we have seen so far, Damsa will be highlighting the menace of child trafficking that notoriously exists in our society and keeps growing.

Damsa has been written by Khaani famed writer Asma Nabeel who has always tackled social issues with her pen. From the plight of a transgender child to bonded labor and even acid attacks, Asma Nabeel has highlighted troubling issues with her stories and now with Damsa, she has taken a step further ahead, tapping into the dark realms of child trafficking and how it affects the parents and children who become victimized by a racket.

Damsa has been directed by Najaf Bilgrami, and produced by Wajahat Rauf under Showcase Productions.

The teasers show the trauma a mother goes through when her daughter is kidnapped right infront of her eyes. Damsa, stars child actor Emaan Khan alongside Nadia Jamil, Shahood Alvi and Saleem Mairaj who plays the leader of the child trafficking ring that kidnaps Damsa.

ifrah salman

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