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Ten reasons why having an elder sister is a blessing in disguise

Having an elder sister is like having a best friend, mentor, second mom – all in one. Here’s ten reasons why having an elder sister is a blessing in disguise:

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She knows you extremely well

Elder sisters know us so much more better than we know ourselves. She can tell you what you’re doing wrong and help you become a better version of yourself. They know all your secrets even if you try your best to hide them.

She makes life much more interesting

An elder sister can be really fun to have. You can share almost anything with her from your clothes to makeup, etc. She makes life fun and fulfilling. An elder sister is more experienced in life thus she can tell you all the fun things to do.

You can confide in her every time

You can confide in your elder sister all the time every time. That boy that broke your heart or that friend who spilled your secret, she would be all ears to anything you have to tell her.

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It is like having a second mother

A big sister is the only person that will love and accept you just like your mother does, and do everything she can to help you and guide you in life. This is because she is more experienced in this regard and knows what is best for you just like your mother.

She gives the best advice

An elder sister is like a therapist you never knew you had. She would give the best advice to you, whether if it’s about the cute boy you’re eyeing or anything you’re deciding to where.

She will always be there for you

Your bigger sister will stay in your life forever, always by your side, good or bad.

She would always forgive you

Sibling rivalry does not last long, even if you hurt your elder sister, she would always forgive you because she loves you more than anything else in this world.

She helps you get along with your parents

Your experienced sister knows how to advise you to make peace with your parents. She might play the role of mediator and try to smooth over the situation. She can bridge the gap and even get you permission for things you won’t have the confidence for.

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She is the best aunt to your child

Elder sisters make the best aunts to their siblings’ children, as they are more tolerant and out of love, they might even spoil them a bit, without even caring what the mother would say or do. No wonder nieces and nephews love their maternal aunts too much.

You don’t need to pretend around her

She might criticize you, but your older sister will always love you, so you do not need to pretend to be someone else, even if she does not say it all the time.

Therefore, if you have a bigger sister, do not forget to show her how much she means to you.