Tere Mere Beech – Episode 04!

Ohkay so, this drama is getting better & better. I actually enjoy watching Tere Mere Beech & look forward to what is yet to come. I am sure things are going to get a lot more interesting & better but I really wish they maintain the pace & don’t slow things down!

Ali’s mother has made it very clear that she is not thrilled by the idea of Ali & Nadia’s marriage. She has a lot more reservations than Ali could think of because first & foremost she really can’t think beyond the class difference that exists between Nadia & Ali. At certain points, she does make sense because she knows it will be hard for Nadia to adjust to their lifestyle & also she fears that there might be a few aspects that Ali might have an issue about with his wife later on but so far, Ali has been very patient & understanding. He understands his mother but he also believes in showing her other side of the picture. I really hope that the way Ali defends Nadia & the things that don’t bother him at all about her before their marriage remain the same & he proves himself to his mother that his decision of getting married to Nadia was right. I do have a feeling that no matter how hard he will try, he will end up succumbing to his mother’s pressures. I somehow like that Ali is well aware of his mother’s shortcomings, he knows that she is rigid & tends to get a lot judgmental that is why he is already looking for solutions by thinking that he & Nadia should live separately but I am sure the decision that Nadia has taken to live her MIL is going to cost her a lot because I feel no matter how good Nadia might be, she is underestimating her mother in law’s rigidity.

Once again, Nighat proved that she is irrational & she is going to be irrational when it comes to Hareem. She didn’t even bother informing her about Nadia’s engagement right till the end but expected Hareem to be all excited & show contribution in making Nadia’s engagement a gathering to remember. I somehow don’t get how can they keep Hareem in the dark about each & everything so easily. Like when someone in the family is getting engaged, girls tend to discuss their shopping, their dresses, makeup, jewelry but they tried to show as if Hareem doesn’t live with them because she had no idea about the reason why Nadia’s in-laws were visiting. Anyways, Nighat’s attitude & tone changed the moment she started speaking to Hareem & she made it sure to let her know that Hareem is bothering her & she isn’t happy with everything that she is doing. Also, I am not sure why didn’t Nighat bother telling Ali’s mother that she had 3 daughters & not 2. Yes, she sent Hareem away the day Ali’s mother came to see Nadia but she could’ve casually told her that Hareem was raised by her uncle & aunt. It seemed quite odd that Nighat waited till the last moment & forced Hareem to make a desperate entry to introduce herself. It’s like Nighat is too ashamed to admit that Hareem is her daughter & that is something that Hareem has an idea of that is why she feels upset with her mother.

Ali saved the day & convinced his mother that he had no issues with Hareem being Nadia’s sister or the fact that Nighat tried to conceal it. Also, after they got engaged & when they discussed Hareem’s attitude, Nadia herself admitted that Hareem was more like a topic which wasn’t discussed in their family for years
so that is why, now when Nighat tries to play the victim by showing that she is overly concerned about her daughter Hareem, it makes no sense because when the time was right & when Hareem needed her attention the most, Nighat stayed aloof to her daughter. I think Nighat is being illogical when she expects Hareem to be absolutely normal with her or her two perfect daughters because she can’t be like that as she hasn’t been welcomed in their family wholeheartedly as well. As far as Nighat is concerned, I find her wrong but I also think that even Nadia & Sadia don’t make an effort with Hareem either. They both are too busy with themselves or in their lives that they don’t care about Hareem at all making her feel unwanted most of the times.

Hareem is definitely making a huge mistake by trusting Fahad as he is obviously a predator & he isn’t sincere with Hareem. It is so obvious that nothing that anyone would say will make Hareem change her mind about Fahad & looks like in the next episode Ali will find out more about Fahad but I am sure it won’t help Hareem as she won’t listen to anyone. Overall the drama is quite interesting & I am looking forward to what’s in store for us. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech too.

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