Tere Mere Beech – Episode 07!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was tackled nicely, even though the story isn’t progressing much but still they are making sure to keep things rolling & that’s more than enough for a drama like this where we almost know about the plot & the things that are going to happen in the future.

Areeba thought it was her duty to let Nadia & Sadia know that Fahad was once engaged to her distant relative Areesha. Sadly, when the news broke, it still didn’t have much impact on Hareem or anyone else, because Nadia & Sadia decided to inform Hareem only. I think we have pretty much seen that Nadia & Sadia share each & every little detail with their mother, so now when they found out something considerably fishy about Fahad, why didn’t they tell it to Nighat first in stead of Hareem, as it is obvious that Hareem would listen to Fahad only & she won’t be able to make a fair decision for herself?

I feel the way this whole family deals with Hareem & Fahad’s relation is quite questionable. Nighat agreed to Fahad’s proposal without even speaking to his parents on the phone & now when Nadia & Sadia found out about Fahad’s former engagement, they chose not to discuss it with their mother. They saw that Fahad sweet-talked Hareem into believing that he was innocent & they chose to ignore that matter altogether? I think it would’ve been a bit wise to show what actually happened about that whole scenario because even the conversation Nadia & Sadia had with Hareem & also her first reaction was easily ignored whereas it should’ve been elaborated a bit more considering it was used in the preview as something that will change things considerably!

The whole scene that Sadia created at Nadia’s Mehandi was so not required. Yes, she is attached to Nadia more than Hareem but in stead of making an issue about Hareem’s participation, Sadia should’ve partnered with her to enjoy even more. I feel all three of them, starting from Nighat to Sadia are definitely not coping well with the fact that Hareem has started living in their house, because they make her feel like a stranger & always leave an impression on Hareem that no matter what she will do, she will always fall short of it, so because of their own attitude, when they actually try to help Hareem & she doesn’t take it well, they shouldn’t blame her for such rude behavior & harsh reactions because one way or the other, they always instigate something to displease her.

So, finally, Nadia got married & right from the very first day, the only topic of conversation both Ali & Nadia had was Ali’s mother; Seemi. Things definitely are going to be hard on Nadia but I don’t think it’s that big a deal anyways because they both have a class difference & Nadia will need some time to adjust to it. Also, Seemi isn’t demanding much from Nadia anyways & in fact she only wants to be left alone & doesn’t want to compromise on her routine, so I don’t think both Ali & Nadia should be fretting over what Seemi says because in stead of controlling them, she is trying to take a back seat & keep a low profile, which is very unlikely of someone like her who appears to be a very difficult person in general.

So, Seemi didn’t welcome Nadia’s family & Zahida made an issue out of it which I believe was very immature of her because in stead of demanding an apology from Seemi, she should understand that such sort of fuss can create difficulty for Nadia in the long run. Yes, what Seemi did was absolutely wrong & was a display of lack of courtesy but at times such things should be ignored to help the situation. Also, in general Nighat’s attitude towards Hareem was quite wrong. Every single time she said something, Nighat had to switch to the accusatory tone & get on with the preaching. Instead of being so preachy all the time, Nighat should try to be a bit more friendly with Hareem if she feels she needs to make her understand something. It feels that Nighat is not at all interested in what Hareem is going through or what she is feeling, yet all she is interested in is making her understand that nothing that Hareem does or says is right.

Anyhow, overall the episode was good. I had a good laugh at the mention of electric kettle that Ali will bring for his room, like hello boy, Nadia is not living in some hotel apartment with you for a short period of time, she has come to your home permanently, so the whole issue against Nadia using the kitchen in the wee hours of morning was quite amusing. Also, I must say, for such early hours, everyone’s hair & makeup, including Ali’s was on-fleek! I wish they had made things a bit more natural! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech.

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