Tere Mere Beech – Episode 11!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was kind of a filler episode but the coverage to Hareem & Fahad’s relation was nicely given. Other than that, the conversations were unnecessarily stretched & all of them were only about Fahad’s residence, which made things a tad bit boring.

So finally, Hareem & Fahad have gotten married. Both Zahida & Nighat had absolutely no confidence in Fahad. I still feel Zahida’s concern was genuine because she actually loves Hareem & her life revolves around her but Nighat’s concern was actually a version of the guilt she was feeling because she knows she didn’t do much to protect Hareem & also because she wanted to save Nadia from further worries, so in literal sense she got rid of Hareem. It was so obvious that Nighat was just trying to put up an act that she really is worried for Hareem whereas she was only looking for some sort of validation that would put her to ease that she did a right thing & she didn’t do anything wrong with Hareem for Nadia’s sake.

It was good to see that Hareem was happy with Fahad. Fahad was saying everything that a newly wedded girl wants to hear. He actually went out of the way for Hareem but sadly it was because he thinks he is investing in his own future by doing all of that & for Hareem, this is exactly what she wanted. She wanted someone who’d adore her & love her the way she is so now when Fahad was making her feel special, she was on cloud 9. It is too bad that her happiness was short-lived but I am glad that she didn’t make it easy for Fahad to keep on fooling her. Honestly speaking, I enjoyed watching Hareem & Fahad’s scenes the most & the chemistry between both the actors was great too.

The whole focus of each & every family member starting from Nighat to Ali on Fahad’s house was quite odd because usually such things are discussed & probed about before finalizing the marriage. So now all of a sudden the concern that Ali, Nighat, Nadia etc started showing regarding Fahad’s whereabouts was odd & made them look a bit too nosey because this wasn’t the right time & by asking such questions, they were only making Hareem & Fahad uncomfortable. If they were so concerned, they should have inquired about Fahad in detail before he got married to Hareem.

I am so glad that Nighat didn’t get much screen time, however there was a single scene where she once again tried to justify herself & went on a self-pity spree. Nighat once again tried to make Hareem look bad by explaining that she was just asking a general question about Fahad’s home from her. I so hope the focus shifts on Hareem & they show us how she is dealing with the whole situation on her own because if Nighat gets to have a say in this, she will only try to put Hareem down by taunting her for choosing Fahad while completely ignoring what others said.

I think it was quite convincing that Hareem tried to find out a little about Fahad as she suspected something. Even the sudden change in Fahad’s attitude was too obvious but he succeeded in covering himself by sweet-talking Hareem every single time but now that Hareem got to speak to the employee of Tariq Zaman, I am sure she won’t sit still & find out everything about Fahad as she already was quite curious about his family, so now she has even more reasons to do some investigation. Honestly speaking, I do feel bad for Hareem because she deserves happiness in her life but the luck is tough on her & the main reason is Nighat, not Hareem or anyone else. I must say Sanam Chaudhry looked absolutely gorgeous as a bride & even in the scenes that showed her as a newly wed. She really has done full justice to this character & I think she is the main reason why I am watching this show. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech.

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