Aabro – Episode 08!

Ohkay so, this episode was comparatively better because the sufferings & the situations that they have shown were portrayed realistically. I think a little realistic approach in telling this otherwise typical story is the only saving grace of this drama & makes it tolerable to watch.

It has completely dawned on Ali that he can not do much in a new city because it is not easy to run a house & take care of the expenses on his own without his family’s support just like that. Ali has started to understand that his decision of getting married to Aabro wasn’t right. Even though he may still love Aabro but now he can see the things from a different perspective where he can understand that this selfish decision of pleasing himself & Aabro made a lot of people angry & left them heart broken.

Aabro on the other hand misses her mother too but she fails to understand the gravity of the situation & change herself. Ali is still putting up with Aabro because the love that he has for her hasn’t faded as yet but if Aabro keeps this up where she will insult him, Ali will seriously grow out of this relationship pretty soon. I am glad that they showed it properly that both Ali & Aabro aren’t at ease. Where Ali is dealing with a lot of issues on his own, Aabro is feeling a little uncomfortable too, but I still feel she is sticking to her decision & hasn’t started regretting it yet unlike Ali. I so wish she had spoken to her mother nicely & should’ve been a bit patient because she should know that her mother is entitled to give her a piece of her mind for the things that she has done.

Finally, Aabro made sense & after hovering around from one place to another she realized that both she & Ali are better off at his parent’s home, that is why, she was the first one to bring this subject up & suggested Ali that they both should go back to Ali’s parent’s home. Ali shared his feelings with Abid & it showed that he succumbed to the pressures a bit too quickly. Ali has always lived in a bubble & going by how his parents pampered him, it showed that he isn’t used to such tough circumstances, that is why, Ali thought it was a good idea to share his problems with Abid because he knows Abid despite being younger will be able to support him & he will find a solution to his problems too.

I don’t know how Ali’s parents & Fauzia’s mother sleep at night after playing with the feelings of their kids just so easily. Zafar blamed Zubaida for everything that Ali did as he understood that Ali never wanted to get married to Fauzia, so how can the same person suggest the exact same thing for his younger son? The reason why this family is so obsessed with Fauzia is beyond me!!!

Once again, even though Shahida tried to ask Fauzia’s opinion, she thought before saying anything, she should initiate the conversation with some sort of emotional blackmailing by reminding her of the relations both the families share. I don’t know why Fauzia’s family is treating Zubaida’s family as the only family on the face of the Earth that is capable of having Fauzia as their daughter-in-law. If it’s not Ali, then what’s the point of getting her married to Ali’s younger brother despite knowing that Fauzia is not thrilled by this whole idea & she doesn’t want to get married to Abid in the first place. I am sure all these elders will do as they please & then easily put a blame on Aabro in stead for all the problems their families will face because of Abid & Fauzia. They are surely going to use Aabro as a scapegoat & conveniently ignore the fact that all this is happening because of their wrong decision making.

Overall this episode was ohkay & the preview didn’t seem promising at all. I so am not looking forward to see how Fauzia shatters the glass vase at the news of Ali & Aabro’s return. I still don’t get that when Ali & Aabro’s mention is stirring such serious reactions in Fauzia’s family, then how are they comfortable with the idea of Fauzia getting married into the same family that too now when Ali & Aabro are going to live in the same house as her? Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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