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Tere Mere Beech – Episode 19!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech didn’t offer much & didn’t take the story forward as well but I really think this one is going to be the last episode which will serve as a filler as in the episodes to come, they will show some progress in the story, this is my assumption & a bit of a wishful thinking too because I really feel this drama needs to wrap up ASAP as they have spent a lot of time & haven’t shown what they should have by now.

Seems like Zahida has forgotten about her daughter Hareem & has adopted Sadia as her replacement because of which she seems overly concerned about Sadia’s marriage. Just an episode ago, Zahida was fainting while remembering Hareem but she recovered pretty soon from her predicament & planned on acting like a cupid that is rooting for Asad & Sadia’s marriage. I really don’t like when the side characters get more screen-time than the main leads & in this drama, this has been the case since last so many episodes. I so am not interested in finding out what transpires between Asad & Sadia because their track seems forced & not to mention the absence of chemistry between the two actors doesn’t help either.

I actually liked how Nasreen gave a reality check to Hareem because it looked like she really took it seriously & realized that everything that Nasreen said was a bitter reality. I really like how both Nasreen & Shela are helping Hareem in their own respective ways where Nasreen is a bit stern & Shela is a bit lenient but they both mean & wish well for Hareem, so that is why they don’t leave any single opportunity to teach & guide her because if there’s something that Hareem needs the most, it is their guidance.

It was good to see Hareem taking everything seriously & feeling like a failure because she knew what Nasreen said wasn’t a lie & all the things that her father mother had taught her were wrong & now she was a nobody & she had nothing left to be arrogant & prideful about. I really like how Hareem actually felt that she needed to change her perspective, she needed to change her thinking & she needed to learn something totally opposite to what her parents have taught her. For the first time Hareem understood the importance of having her own identity & that is why she started listening to Shela vigilantly. Shela took her to the NGO that she runs because she knew this was the time when Hareem was ready to be faced with the reality & now when Hareem has taken the initiative herself, she will grasp all that she will learn from other’s experiences. It was good that all the stories that Hareem heard touched her & she was moved in a way that will only benefit her.

Ali on the other hand decided to get in contact with Tariq Zaman & inform him about Fahad. I really liked this twist to be honest because it goes to show that may be Fahad will be put behind the bars for all the things he has done & we won’t be getting a typical & unrealistic ending where Hareem will forgive him & they will start living happily ever after. Fahad deserves to get punished for all that he has done & I hope we get such an ending where Hareem comes out stronger than ever, she becomes self-sufficient, she learns how to be independent & learns that she is better off without a con like Fahad. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech.

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