Aabro – Episode 16!

Ohkay so, this episode of Aabro continued with the ordeals both Ali & Aabro are facing, but surprisingly, they took the story forward by 4 years & looks like they are now going to make the younger lot the center of attention & somehow that will serve as a redemption for Ali & Aabro & through Afhseen, Ali & Aabro will get their lost respect back.

Aabro continued to work as a personal maid of Fauzia while she was carrying a child & Zubaida took it as an opportunity to insult Aabro day & night because she knew she was dependent on them financially. I really thought that may be after so many years, the bitterness in Zubaida must’ve subsided but she proved that she is all about negativity & that is why, she continued with the disparity among her grandchildren. Zubaida shouldn’t be so shallow to treat Ali & Abid’s children differently because by the end of the day, the kids are not at fault & they are not responsible for what their parents do or have done in the past. I really expected better from Zafar & Fauzia but looks like they have harbored a lot of grudges in their hearts against Aabro & Ali, that is why none of them till date have told Zubaida off for how wrong she has been.

Out of all the people, Fauzia should be the one putting a lid on the past & forgiving Aabro & Ali but like she said, she can only extend a pity of few moments as Shahida has instilled that much humanity in her. Also, I found it kind of funny that even after 4 years Fauzia was wearing the same black/blue suit that she was wearing during her pregnancy. Anyways, it is sad to see that such a nice company of such a nice guy like Abid hasn’t changed Fauzia at all & she still has some ill feelings in her heart for Aabro & Ali.

I really felt bad every time I saw Afsheen being ill-treated by Zubaida, but I must say, the scenes where Abid spoke nicely to her & treated her with affection were heart-warming too. Every time I see Abid showcasing such kindness towards Ali’s family, I always wonder how did that apple fall from the tree in this family. Anyways, it was good to see that Ali & Aabro were still standing by each other’s side. However, I really fail to understand why both of them didn’t do anything to improve their financial condition in these 4 years? Ali could’ve changed his job or should’ve gone for teaching, also, Aabro could’ve taken some tuition too but seems like they themselves got comfortable with how much money they were making, which is why they didn’t bother much about improving their condition.

Hamid had nothing new to offer to the story, so it was good to see his part ending in the drama, where he got married & left with his lady love. I also feel that now when Sakina was all by herself & Aabro & Ali got a clear message that they weren’t going to be forgiven, then why didn’t they shift with Sakina to her place? At least that would’ve made things a tad bit easier for both the parties where Aabro could’ve gotten the emotional support of Sakina & similarly Sakina would’ve gotten someone who’d look after her. At least it would’ve been much much better for Ali & Aabro because that way they had protected their daughter from such rude behavior of Zubaida.

Anyways, the preview of the next episode suggested something promising where now the kids will take the story forward & the kids will become the reason behind their parent’s success & failure. Looks like Fauzia has gotten a bit too comfortable in her life that she doesn’t bother sparing some time for her school-going kid too & on the other hand, Ali & Aabro are investing all their energies in raising Afsheen properly by giving her the utmost attention & love, which is something really sweet. I hope they wrap the drama up with a good message in next couple of episodes. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Aabro.

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