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Tere Mere Beech – Episode 20!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was going good for me & there came the scene consisting the crying face of the ultimate crier Zahida right by the end of the episode & ruined it for me because it was not only unnecessary but it was slow & stretched too. I just don’t understand why every single episode remains incomplete without Zahida & Co’s. crocodile tears???

Anyhow, it was good to see Shehla taking charge of Hareem’s life & trying her level best in making her financially stable & independent. Shehla contacted her family friend Hammad & informed him about Hareem. Hammad & his daughter Tania welcomed Hareem wholeheartedly & not only that, they were quite courteous towards her too because they wanted to help her knowing that she isn’t educated enough. The way Tania spoke to Hareem & told her to explore what she is good at was nice to see as well.

So, Tania is going out with Fahad & seems like this time around Fahad got really lucky because Tania is far more well-settled than Hareem was. Also the car Fahad owned went to show that he must’ve gotten it as a gift from Tania or he might be using someone else’s car in order to impress her. I really thought when Fahad will come across Hareem, he will bat an eyelid but he seemed least bothered about her because looks like he never truly loved & respected her. For Fahad, Hareem was just like an acquaintance & his reaction proved it as well. Also, he is such a heartless person because how could he extend a cold shoulder to a girl who is still married to him?

I actually thought that Hareem will go into a deep depression when she will see Fahad with Tania but she took me by surprise when she not only confronted him but threatened him too. Also, what I liked the most was that she didn’t keep anything from Shehla & informed her about everything that happened that day. I think this is the first step that Hareem has taken towards improving her condition where she has stopped keeping things in her heart & she has stopped harming herself emotionally. Shehla has helped her a great deal in that aspect that is why Hareem has started confiding in her.

The preview of the next episode suggested that Hareem will spend time with Fahad whereas in my opinion, it would be a dream sequence because the way Fahad treated Hareem definitely shows that he is done with her for good, so celebrating her birthday is out of question. I really think the last scene of this episode was unnecessary because I most certainly don’t understand Zahida’s flip & switch mode where one day she is trying act as a cute cupid who is rooting for Asad & Sadia’s marriage & on the other, she is crying out loud as if she is going to choke. I really think this terrible trio has gotten way more coverage than they deserve & once again, the topic of conversation between Nadia & Ali were Hareem & Fahad, like seriously, these guys are in dire need of a life. Also, considering this was the 20th episode, I truly feel this should’ve been the last episode & without wasting so many episodes, they should’ve introduced Shehla’s character probably in the 14th-15th episode so that they could’ve wrapped it up by now. Anyways, I hope this drama ends next week as they’ve shown us all & the last thing left to be shown is Fahad getting jailed for all the crimes he has committed. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Tere Mere Beech & let us know if you also feel that this drama should end now!

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Zahra Mirza.

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