Teri Raza Episode 05 Review – Amusement At Its Peak!

Ohkay so, since I am the reviewer of this play & I have a responsibility on my shoulders, I think it is my duty to help my viewers maintain their sanity & for that I have to hand out a public service message, which is that all the viewers who are planning on tuning to this episode should keep the ear plugs handy because the amount of screaming that happened in this episode can easily deafen them up. I actually have no idea why every single time they show a warning ‘tambaku noshi sehat ke liye muzzar hai’ because if they are so concerned, they should have also flashed the warning ‘cheekhna chilana bhi sehat ke liye muzzar hai’. This episode was ridiculous & all the characters, surprise surprise acted ridiculously too!

Oh well, Rameez actually confused himself as the ‘hero’ & he decided to play that by showing up at Suhana’s doorstep with an intention of winning her over by creating a havoc in her house. Just when I was dreading that the howler in Shaheen Khan would unleash today, she remained a little under control but that role was taken over by Sanam & Shehroz. I was laughing all this while that such a huge drama was going on at the ground floor, on the first floor Dadi was peacefully looking at her Shadi ka Jora, like I am sure they must’ve invested a lot in sound proofing or may be Dadi has hearing issues along with heart issues that she is going to go to surgery for, since that’s the reason why Suhana’s parents are rushing with this marriage!

I actually laugh out loud every time I hear Talat say that she wants to see Suhana happy & in her tiny brain she has assumed that Suhana is going to be happy ‘after’ her marriage with Imtiyaz. I mean how blind can a mother be? When she can clearly see that Suhana’s engagement with Imtiyaz has only been more like an emotional trauma for her so why does she expect things to change in the future? When Imtiyaz is unable to make Suhana happy before marriage, how is he going to make her happy after marriage? I really am done seeing such idiotic mothers in our dramas who the moment their daughters get engaged turn a blind eye & think their problem is solved & now they are going to get rid of the biggest burden of their lives by getting them married. I don’t know if the doctors have told Suhana’s parents & Dadi that they are on life support or what because the way they are rushing with the marriage is so amusing, like they rushed with the engagement & didn’t wait for Rameez’s proposal for weird reasons best known to them & now again, they are rushing with the marriage for the weird reasons best known to them. To be honest, such Dadi’s are such a burden in the dramas where they are only alive to threaten young girls to rush into marriages, because anytime the writer can put a full stop in front of their character & they can bid farewell to the drama world. Suhana’s Dadi has done just exactly that, because before her engagement, she fainted to further push her into it & now when it’s time of her marriage, once again Dadi is ready to take off to the hospital so that Suhana feels threatened!

The focus on Istikhara & Bad Shaghuni is ridiculous. I really want to find something good in this drama considering it is Sanam Baloch’s comeback drama but these concepts that the writer has embedded in this script make me see the flaws only (not that it has anything good in it anyways). If that’s the case then they could’ve shown Suhana going to some Mufti Sahab & asking for a clear cut explanation behind Istikhara logic in stead of just blindly believing on the twisted concept that her Dadi has presented in front of her. Also, now that Suhana has decided that she is going to become a sacrificial lamb in order to protect Rameez & her entire family from Istikhara’s Bad Shaguni then what’s with the forlorn face? Also, it is ridiculous that Rameez hasn’t left a good impression on Suhana, like he has accused her of getting married because of money & now he chose to show up at her doorstep & misbehaved with her mother & still Suhana is acting like a Desperatana, all sad & depressed because she can’t get married to this badtameez bacha? Rameez’s dhamki ‘tum kabhi khush nahi rahogi’ had me in a fit of laughter because aggar aisay badtameez jhootay bachon ki bad-duas qabool hone lag gain to bas phir ho gaya kaam!

Finally, Paa Mmtyaz acted his age & he showed some concerns about Suhana that she has changed & she is not the same anymore but then once again the way he tried to convince Suhana to get married to him quickly showed that he is selfish & not as good as he poses to be. Imtiyaz was like ‘meri age mai logon ki dusri shadi ho rahi hoti hai’, I mean seriously, now is he going to use his AGE as a weapon to pressurize Suhana? Also, if he is so concerned about his age then why didn’t he get married at the right time, why does he expect Suhana to do the heavy-lifting? I find it amusing how every time Imtiyaz says something but does exactly opposite to what he has been making claims about. He said he didn’t want to pressurize Suhana but the moment she said she wants to get married after a year, he went under pressure himself, lol & felt the need to pressurize Suhana. I am not sure if Suhana is trying to buy some time for Rameez to become ‘bara admi’ because that’s what it looked like.

Imtiyaz’s conversation with his mother Sitara was another off-putting scenario, like seriously how long are mothers of the sons in our dramas are going to pamper them into oblivion? Sitara tried to shoo away all the doubts that Imtiyaz had by saying Suhana is dreading the change in her life? Like seriously, why couldn’t Sitara take a good look at her Shehzada Gulfaam/Imtiyaaz & think about the possibility that may be he is not Suhana’s ideal & that’s the reason behind the change in her behavior?

I wish the writer had saved the actors the hassle of saying ‘aap, janab’ because what the parents of Suhana are doing & the way they are treating her contradicts the verbal respect they extend towards her. They don’t respect her, or her freedom or her choices, so I don’t think it would’ve made any difference if in stead of talking to her with so much of tameez o tamaddun, they had just used ‘tum’ to communicate with her!!!

The preview of the next episode was ridiculous too. I find it amusing how in the previews they show the next episode to be so happening but in stead it turns out to be a boring slow saga with bucket of tears being filled every single time. Suhana is going to have the time of her life before her marriage but then what? She is going to get married & stay sad for the rest of her life? LOL! Wow what a story! I had a good laugh at Suhana’s claim that ‘Suhana badal gai hai’, does by badalna she means more sadness & more forlorn faces? I wish someone had told Shehroz that blush-on is meant to be applied on the apples of the cheeks, not on the cheekbones because that’s where the highlighter goes. I wish someone stitches the loose necks of Shehroz’s shirts, they are so cringe-worthy I swear! Also, we get it, Imtiyaz is aged but that doesn’t mean he has to be in his suit even when he is having a casual lunch with his wife-to-be. Share your thoughts about this episode please & don’t forget to keep earplugs handy!

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