Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 15 Review – Absolutely Brilliant!

Ohkay so, another week another brilliant episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan. I am glad that even after 15 episodes, this drama exceeds our expectations week after week. I really hope it stays the same way because these days, praising Hum TV’s dramas is like giving the producers a ticket to drag the drama further because they think if the viewers are enjoying the story & the characters till this point, they will do too once it is prolonged which is most certainly not the case. I have seen so many dramas that lost the charm but I really wish that doesn’t turn out to be the case with this drama because its strong script & perfect pace are its strength!

Shahzeb had no other choice than to accept his past mistake because firstly he was bewildered that Nazneen could play such a game to embarrass him & secondly he couldn’t believe that he’d be questioned by Malik Hashmat for something which wasn’t truthfully presented in front of him. Shahzeb only said yes & didn’t even try to give out any explanations as he knew that nothing that he’d say would make Malik Hashmat change his mind because his tone was already decisive & he was just asking to further make up his mind. I liked the fact that in such a dark moment, Zaitoon chose to stand by her son as she trusted him. Shahzeb couldn’t believe that Nazneen would use his truthfulness against him, that too in such a way where she would tarnish his reputation. Shahzeb & Baba Jee’s conversation was interesting again as he told him that he shouldn’t bother about what the future holds for him but we’ll have to see what Shahzeb will do because he actually seemed emotionally shattered!

So, Nazneen definitely had a plan & she thought things through all this while. Nazneen already knew that the moment her father will find out the truth about Shahzeb, he’d call off their marriage & she will use that to convince Basit to save the day. I found Qadir’s presence totally convincing because just before their meeting happened, Basit’s mother did inform him that his father was working till morning in the farms. Nazneen knew that if she has to bring Basit into her life, she will have to trick him too. Luckily for Nazneen, Qadir fell for her drama, because if it would’ve been Basit, I am sure he wouldn’t have dared to say a word of such sort but just because Qadir felt that Nazneen was actually worried about her father’s pride & honor, he gave in!

Rani finally became Reena Begum & just when she was enjoying the taste of her new-found success she was forced to face the reality that everything came with a ‘price’ & she’d have to pay it in order to survive. Rani’s display of emotions in front of Shammo did show how Shammo reminded her of her past which obviously had everything to do with her family & that is why she couldn’t hold her tears because she made up her mind that there’s no place for her family in her life anymore, therefore she was trying hard to stay firm. Oh well, Rani understood the price Nigar Begum had to pay every single time in order to attain the wealth that fascinated Rani in the first place. However, I will say that before stepping into the vicinity of the brothel, Rani’s oblivion about the ‘other services’ that Nigar provided to her visitors was convincing but the fact that she was still unaware of this aspect even after staying in the brothel for so many months didn’t seem convincing. Rani was Nigar Begum’s personal servant so for her to not know where would Nigar Begum be & what would she be doing after her performances is a bit hard to believe, also it wasn’t only Nigar Begum, there were so many other courtesans too so it is hard to believe that Rani never heard about it from the rest of the girls. Rani has spent months in the brothel & she stumbled upon so many secrets like Fizza Bai’s death & even met Nawazish Ali by chance so for her to not know that there’s something else that happens in the brothel other than dance performances was unrealistic.

Anyways, Reena finally realized that she made the wrong choice, she finally realized that she lost the bit of respect that she had even as a beggar. Reena understood that the wealth that Nigar had didn’t come easily to her & she had to go to such extremes to earn it. Reena finally understood that all those values & morals that her mother taught her were crushed just after this single encounter that she had with a stranger. The way the mention of next ‘performance’ scared Reena showed that she wasn’t mentally ready for this new journey that she just found out about. We will have to see if she settles for this or takes this as a punishment for wishing something that wasn’t in her reach & if so, will she leave everything or not?

So, Qadir Ali finally put forth the proposal of Basit in front of Malik Hashmat for Nazneen. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that this plan of Nazneen would backfire because no matter what, her parents would never settle for their servant’s son for her. Even though Nazneen has played this game intelligently, she has definitely undermined the fact that her father has the final decision making power. If Nazneen will come forth & share what she wants then may be her father won’t be able to say no to her but if she will play this game silently then there are high chances that this will definitely go against her!

Overall, this episode was phenomenal & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I must commend the choreographer, the director & also the actors who kept the dance performances perfectly decent. Even though Ushna has showed a perfect transition as a beggar & then as a courtesan, I still feel Sana Fakhar set the bar really high & in this dance sequence, Ushna looked more like a performer. However, I enjoyed her emotional scenes a lot because she really showcased what Rani was going through after realizing what she has done in order to become Reena Begum. Kubra Khan’s performance was good too. I wish we get to see more of Imran Ashraf/Shammo & he plays an important role in Rani’s life. I really wish there’s more to his story than just becoming a famous makeup artist. The preview of the next episode seemed interesting I can’t wait to watch it. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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Funny Story: While watching Yeh Raha Dil last night on live streaming, I saw this episode’s promo of Alif Allah Aur Insaan & they showed that there was this human being in black dress, white long hair standing next to Rani, I actually assumed that it would be Rani hallucinating about Nigar Begum & she’d see Nigar in such a horrifying avatar & that’ll be Rani’s undoing where she will lose her senses & Nigar Begum would haunt her. I was actually surprised when I saw that scene because I seriously had no idea that it would be a man & I was confusing him as Nigar Begum, lol!

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