Teri Raza Episode 06 Review – Teri Raza Or Badshaghuni?

Oh well, finally Suhana got married & the hell broke loose then & there. This drama is so boring that the only way to get through its episode is if you have YouTube/Whatsapp handy because that what makes me sit through it & I enjoy the distraction more than I enjoy this drama itself because there’s nothing enjoyable in this drama in the first place so not sure why I am even bringing that word in the discussion here!?!

It is so amusing that even in the beginning stages of the drama the characters & the story is all over the place, it shows that forget about the director even the writer herself has no grip on the story. Also, in such initial stages them relying on flashbacks shows they don’t have much content in the first place. If my memory serves me right, just in last episode Suhana was speaking about ‘badshaguni’ but in this episode when Manzura used that word, Suhana asked her ‘tum ye nayi nayi batain kahan se lati ho’, err, hello gurl, she heard it from you in the first place. I really think Suhana’s character is the worst in the lot & the sad part is she is the central character, so she is going to get the most amount of coverage. Suhana was once again blaming her parents saying ‘inhon ne mere saath kya kiya’ but then again, someone needs to knock a walnut on her head to remind her that just in the last episode she was saying that she accepted Istikhara because she wanted to protect everyone from ‘badshaguni’ like (the concept that was alien to her in this episode) her Dadi, her parents & even Rameez.

So, this was Teri Raza’s 6th episode & it took me literally 6 weeks to figure out what Suhana is, she is basically a submissive-rebellious-damsel-in-distress, I know it’s a long one but since she is so twisted, I had to find some decent words to paint a picture of her personality & character correctly. Suhana is unique & one of its kind, because she would do everything to prevent her family & ex-boyfriend from badshaghuni but then she will blame them for being the reason why she wanted to protect them from badshaghuni, if that makes sense, yes I know it would but with difficulty since this is how difficult & twisted Suhana’s character is. Also, since there is so much badshaghuni happening in this drama & there’s so much focus on it, I am not sure why didn’t they name this drama ‘Badshaghuni’ in stead of ‘Teri Raza’ because the word Teri Raza hardly comes into the picture in comparison to how much Badshaghuni does!

Well, Paa Mmtyaz got married to Choti Suhana & it was amusing that even after getting married he was concerned whether she was ‘happy’ or not. Oh bhai, khush hoti to appke muh pe phone na bang karti but only if you’d understand but looks like Mmtyaz likes dissecting Anda & Omelette more than he would mind paying attention to the feelings & expressions of jeeta jaagta insaan, especially the one whom he was going to get married to. So, nothing new there, Suhana & Mmtyaz are poles apart, he likes his egg boiled whereas Suhana enjoys a messy omelette, oh such a big difference in their personality I wonder if they’re going to get divorced over their Anda preferences. Also yes, Suhana enjoys late night phone usage whereas Paa Mmtyaz can’t sleep if a mosquito enters his room, all the more reason to part ways I tell you!

Oh well, I am sure all the heart surgeons must be cringing so bad after this episode because this episode gave a blow to every aspiring heart-surgeon’s career. Dadi who was supposed to get a heart-surgery recovered & didn’t feel the need to go for one ever since she saw Suhana’s rukhsati. I mean who would’ve thought that the sight of seeing a Dulhan sitting in a car & getting Rukhsat with a ‘larka’ double her age could cure people’s hearts. Heart Surgeons spend years & invest so much of money into making themselves capable to heal people’s hearts but here, all it took was a mere Rukhsati, which took only a day & yes probably the same amount of money it takes to become a doctor/heart specialist. I told you guys that Dadis like these in our dramas are such a burden who only play the role of guilt-tripping the girl into getting married ASAP otherwise they a threatened that the writer might put a full stop in front of their character! LOL!

The conversation that Dadi & Talat had also had me rolling my eyes because it was so clichéd, like now all of a sudden Dadi was concerned about how her YOUNG Suhana will take responsibility of Sitara’s household so then, why didn’t she think about her age before getting her married? Like what was the rush? Also, Talat chose not to see her daughter because like a typical psychotic mother, she endorses the idea that now piya ka ghar is Suhana ka ghar & she has been freed from all of her motherly responsibilities because she got her daughter married, seriously! Talat takes the spot in the list of worst mothers with flying colors. Also, like what was the need for Talat to speak about Rameez with Zafar on Suhana’s Mehandi night? LOL! I told you guys, the story & the characters are out of order & everything/everyone is all over the place so I am sure the writer wasn’t bothered & so wasn’t the director!

Well, the last scene was such a plot twister *yawn* where boring budhi ruh Paa Mmtyaz overheard what Suhana was saying about him. I will be surprised if Paa Mmtyaz will be surprised to hear all these beautiful words about him because being a man of this age bracket, he should’ve known better that he was so not compatible to Suhana & wasn’t her ideal type. Oh well, we have a salty cousin too, who was desperate to get married to Paa Mmtyaz but Suhana took her place, I am sure once Suhana will leave Mmtyaz with salty wounds, that salty cousin will come bearing the balm to heal him heal! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza/Badshaghuni & oh again, Sanam Baloch’s sweaty upper-lip…ugh!

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