Teri Raza Episode 20 Review – Awkward!

Ohkay so, if there is one word that can describe this entire episode, it would be awkward. Every single person in this episode was making every other person awkward. All the situations, all the scenarios were awkward but what’s funny is that the writer has tried to turn every awkward thing into something absolutely normal, which is again awkward!

I don’t really understand what the writer is trying to suggest by showing an ex husband & wife being over friendly with each other? It is like she is trying to normalize a divorce by showcasing that you can always be ‘friends’ with your ex-spouse? It is like the writer is suggesting that you don’t have to worry about making a marriage work because even if it won’t you will be fine being friends with your ex? Also, the worst thing about this drama is that all those people who aren’t supposed to be in touch with each other are always in contact? When Suhana was married to Imtiyaz, everyone starting from her Abba to Amma to Kaam Wali to Suhana herself, all of them were in contact with Rameez’s family & now again, when Suhana has happily moved out of Imtiyaz’s life, her psychotic kumba is in contact with both Sitara & Imtiyaz? What for? The entire focus on Samaan was so bizarre, again it was used as a petty excuse to keep them all in touch with eachother, something that the writer has been doing right from the beginning! First Suhana told Imtiyaz that Talat was calling him for Samaan. Then Zafar told Sitara that he didn’t need Samaan & again someone asked/told someone about Samaan but by that time I was so tired of this Samaan that I didn’t bother paying attention to it. The point is, since Suhana was being ‘friends’ with Imtiyaz, she could’ve directly asked him for her Samaan!?!?! & oh yes Mr. & Mrs. Faarigh (read Zafar & Talat) also spoke about Samaan!

Ugh! Suhana & Rameez’s cheesy romance was sickening. All this while, Suhana played the victim but now she was sitting there shamelessly, designing her future home with a guy jiss ki ammi usay kitchen mai dekhte hi kehti hain ‘1 paisa nahi doongi’. Seriously, can Rameez afford a Ding Dong Bubble for himself that he was going on & on & on in front of Suhana about the house that he will build for her? Bachay pehle apne pairon pe kharay to ho ja! Chalo, this is Rameez, he is like that but what’s wrong with Suhana? How is she going to settle for a loser like him & most importantly why? The mere ‘love factor’ has been overdone by the writer here that only on the basis of LOU, Suhana forsake her marriage & is now flirting with him, wearing an extra white foundation & unflattering orange lipstick?

Well, since Seema has called her dibs on Imtiyaz, she subtly told Suhana that she should move on, as she knows that it would be like a last nail in the coffin & Imtiyaz wouldn’t be left with any reason to cling onto Suhana & her memories. Well, I loved how Sitara ignored Talat when they came across each other at Seema’s place. Everytime Talat gets insulted, I do an imaginary happy dance because such an unreasonable character deserves all of that! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza & oh the preview of the next episode seemed so bizarre, at one hand Rameez has told his mom that he is only going to get married to Suhana & on the other he is telling her to do an Istikhara? Accha, if Istikhara doesn’t show this relation to be favorable for them both, will Rameez leave Suhana? LOL!

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