Teri Raza Episode 29 Review – Ridiculous!


Ohkay so, yet another ridiculous episode filled with filler situations. I really do not understand why this drama hasn’t ended yet? Or are they aiming for 30+ episodes? The story (if there was one) has been going around in circles & everyone’s fixation with Suhana is bizarre. I still do not understand what the writer is trying to convey here!?!

It is absurd that every single time Suhana lets Rameez fool her? She is shown to be someone who is quite mature & analytical (supposedly), so why can’t she see that Rameez is a good-for-nothing who can only take loans to make her happy? Suhana cried a bucket & immediately Rameez arranged funds for her boutique, so why didn’t she even bother finding out how did he do so?

Seema closed the chapter of Suhana from her & Imtiyaz’s life, so what was the need to tell Jeena to invest in Suhana’s business? Jeena who got rejected by Rameez & insulted by Suhana time & again decided to help Suhana of all the people? If she had so much spare money, she could’ve invested it in a more lucrative business in stead of Suhana’s which is basically running on donations!

The way Suhana speaks about HER boutique as if she invested her money in it & ran the show without anyone’s help makes me laugh a lot. She really is delusional I must say. Time & again she gets taunted by Rameez yet she believes in him, but then it serves her right. I must say, the way the writer has shown zero growth in all these characters is something. The drama is about to end but Rameez stays good for nothing till now. Suhana stays a bechari & Imtiyaz stays andha. Commendable isn’t it?

I must say the writer should never take a pen in her hand & attempt writing again if this is what she has come up with. I am sure this is going to turn into Halala story only to show that Suhana finally accepted & chose Allah’s raza over her own raza which is Imtiyaz over Rameez. Please don’t tell me the writer is trying to justify Halala here & glorifying it by showing that if your second marriage doesn’t work, you always have an option of going back to your ex-husband? It is sickening that the writer is showing Suhana as a victim who is now suffering so much due to her wrong decision & in the end she will have a happy ending with Imtiyaz, without paying for all the wrongs that she has done. It is ridiculously cheap & petty!!! Anyways, the only best thing that happened in this episode was Rameez’s mother’s comment about Suhana, that she is a zehni mareez, couldn’t agree more! Share your thoughts.

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