Teri Raza Episode 30 Review – Disaster At Its Peak!

Ohkay so, I am going to ask a very serious & important question ke writer ne kya kha ke Suhana ka character likha tha? I mean seriously, one can only say Tauba after seeing what this psychotic character is upto!

When I saw Suhana shedding tears I felt like throwing a punch on her face. She used to cry before, saying that her parents weren’t treating Rameez & Co. with respect, fine & now when her parents invited them over for dinner & treated them like a family, Suhana was again crying for a new set of reasons that she doesn’t want to go back, like seriously??? Does she even know how to be happy? Rameez was her so called happiness for which she forsake everything but now just because she has realized that Rameez was not an ideal & financially loaded man, the writer is giving her a clean chit, for what? Just because she has realized & apologized???

I think now that we have such weirdly named dramas like ‘Naseebon Jali’, ‘Mai Ma Nahi Banna Chahti’, no one would have batted an eyelid if the writer had named this drama as ‘Shadi Aik Gudda Guddi Ka Khel’, at least that would’ve made things crystal clear as to what the viewers should expect before tuning to this drama because this is exactly how Suhana is treating her marriage(s)!

Uf! This was the same father Suhana kicked out of her life because he called out on Rameez but now Suhana is like sticking to him, because she knows that only he is the one who can give her a luxury-laden life? If Suhana had known that her family wasn’t financially sound, she would have thought a million times before making a decision of leaving Rameez. No matter what her reasons are but she is acting like a typical rich spoiled brat who knows no matter what, she can do whatever she wants as her father is there.

It is amusing that now when Suhana has assessed Rameez & she has seen that he can’t even achieve an iota of wealth that Imtiyaz or Zafar have, she is now seeing him as a big mistake? Is she for real? When did Suhana Bibi become so practical that she decided to put everything before her feeling of ‘love’ for which she literally ruined everyone’s life & happiness!?!?! Suhana says she is sorry & does she really think that is going to be an excuse enough for another stuffed up marriage? LOL! I guess she was so adamant to have Rameez Badtameez respected, that she forgot to bring out the best in him & patiently teach him how to be responsible!

Seema & Jeena both need to get a life. They act like bunch of sore insecure losers who are obsessed with Suhana but then again, since the writer here is giving Suhana a clean chit every single time, no wonder why both Seema & Jeena are paranoid & dread that Suhana might come as a tsunami & wipe away their happiness!

I think if the writer really wants to convey a right message by showing what happens if someone goes against the Will of Allah, she should give Suhana a miserable ending where everyone else around is happy & settled & she is the one sulking alone, but I am pretty sure this won’t be happening as now the writer will show that by committing Halala, Suhana finally accepted Allah’s Raza after trying, testing & failing at her own raza. Seriously, hideousness just touched a sky! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza & I wish both Shehroz & especially Sanam had used their vocal chords miserly because their high pitched voices are intolerable!

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