Thora Sa Aasman – Episode 05!

Thora Sa Aasman – Episode 05!

Ohkay so, this episode was interesting, but I am concerned about one thing & that is the lacking similarities between the script of this drama & the original novel itself. I do understand that when a novel is dramatized, a little bit of tweaking is required as drama & novel are two different mediums of story-telling, but what I am not understanding is the reason behind changes that have been made in the original story because if I consider the story of the novel itself, I find it just perfect for it to be dramatized, so not sure if they will be able to justify these changes that they have made. I know the drama-makers have tried to simplify the story by interlinking the tracks of all the characters in the early stages of the drama but what I am most concerned about is the track of Fatima because I have started to feel that she has become a supporting character in the course of the story being over-simplified for the drama, whereas in the novel, she was the integral part of the entire story. I hope they do justice to her character & do not compromise on her value because Fatima is the binding force & is the main part of this story.

Baqir Shirazi is fixated with Shahista Kamal & that is why only for the pleasure of her company, he has started to broaden his trap by preying upon Haroon Kamal too. Since the day Shahista has grabbed Baqir’s attention, things related to her have started to unravel in front of him & it seems like what he is wishing for is meant to happen because first, he found out that Haroon needed his approval for his business deals & second, he found out the major link through which Baqir could black-mail Haroon & that was Zarka. Baqir found out that Haroon not only had relations with Zarka but he married her as well & that was something that Baqir decided he could use to put Haroon in his right place & take a step closer to Shahista Kamal.

Only a single meeting between Baqir & Haroon was enough for Haroon to know what Baqir knew about him & how he was ready to use his personal life details against him, that is why he told Shahista to draw a line, but then, Haroon has always been quite opinionated & he never really cared about what Shahista might have to say about his reputation, so to see Haroon getting intimidated by Baqir wasn’t really in line with his character. Haroon has been ruthless & he never really held back in letting Shahista know what sort of a person he was even after she spotted him with Zarka in a shopping mall, so to see Haroon getting burdened by a detail of his past was quite unlike him.

Fatima came across Shahista in quite an early stage of the drama, however she thanked Shahista for the help she extended & later with the help of Rabeea, she met Sadia & started living with her at her home. Sadia is a new entry, in the story & in the drama as well because her character never existed in the novel. I somehow feel by making things easier for Fatima & by showing that everyone around her has been quite generous with her, the director has compromised on Fatima’s potential & the emotional strength that she embodied. Through Fatima’s character, the drama-makers could’ve sent out such a strong message that a woman can achieve whatever she wants to against all the odds, because of her will but somehow, I feel the character of Fatima has been made weak & the purpose that she had is not coming through like why did she adopt Shaheer & also, how will she stay strong & fend for herself because as per the novel, Fatima’s entire journey was quite inspiring & it showcased the struggles that a woman like Fatima had to go through who chose to live life on her terms & conditions & who shaped up not only her life but the life of those children that came into her life. In this episode I actually detested seeing Fatima in the background like a supporting character, as if she had no personality & had no direction in life & then I also disliked seeing the actual supporting characters come into the foreground & getting all the coverage!

Sadia happens to be Zarka’s sister & seems like even she married someone out of her love for him, just like Zarka married Haroon because she loved him. Sadia chose a totally different path in her life where despite having nothing, she feels she has everything. Zarka on the other hand after giving birth to the twins, has once again decided to get married & revive her career that suffered due to her marriage & then her pregnancy. Zarka could also have lived a fulfilling life if only her husband wasn’t so selfish & so emotionally absent. Anyways, Zarka’s mother thinks it is better for Sadia to look after Zarka’s twins because she doesn’t have a child of her own & this should be a secret that Zarka’s potential husband should never find out about.

Saqia has made quite a progress in her life & she is ready to live independently. Saiqa has forgotten all about those limits that her parents & her good-for-nothing husband set for her & that is why, she has gained a confidence that even confuses her parents now. Saiqa knows she has a strong back due to which she can deal with Zafar & now when she is fending for herself, Zafar holds no importance in her life to sit & listen to his taunts & commands. Looks like Shahista is still in search of a baby & that is why she keeps on visiting the orphanage & now it has been made clear that even Haroon is not oblivious of the reason why Shahista goes to Hyderabad. A lot of things have yet to unravel & I can’t wait to find out more.

Overall, this episode was interesting & the preview of the next episode suggested that things will move forward. I wish the director hadn’t kept all the focus on Shahista/Haroon/Baqir’s side of the story & had given Fatima’s character the due coverage too because her story is what I was most excited about. I wish as the episodes progress, Fatima’s character takes a front seat & her journey is covered appropriately too because right now I am not feeling her character at all as she is looking like someone who has no clue & is only making through life with the helping hand of others. Fatima’s character was the most positive character of this entire novel/story & I wish we get to see more of her. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Thora Sa Aasman.

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