Thora Sa Aasman Episode 07 – So Far So Good!

Ohkay so, this episode of Thora Sa Aasman was a good watch for sure. I really like how without wasting much time, the director is taking the story forward & every episode gives us something new because it not only makes things interesting but also keeps the attention of the viewers intact too.

Fareeda Apa played her game really really well & this time with much more confidence because she had a support of her daughter Aneela as well. Aneela might not say it but she definitely dreams of being with a guy like Talha who not only is decent but is financially sound too. Fareeda Apa obviously doesn’t want Masood & Mansoor’s children to get married because she knows that way, their mutual wealth will remain within their families & her dream of seeing her children getting settled will be ruined. Where Fareeda wants Aneela to get married to either Talha or Osama, she has a son too who she wants to see getting married to either Ambar or Safiya, because of obvious reasons. Fareeda however succeeded in creating a misunderstanding between the two families as she knew that both Muneeza & Shabana won’t budge & that way her future plans will work.

Muneeza didn’t take the news well as she is not only level headed but a tad bit arrogant as well, as she knows that her daughters will easily get married & Talha & Osama are not the last guys on earth. Mansoor might be younger be he has an upper-hand in comparison to Masood because it seems like it was his business that he allowed Masood to become a part of, that is why both Mansoor & Muneeza don’t really shy away from taking a stand as they know they have an edge over Masood & Shabana.

It was interesting to see how Shabana, without saying much about Ambar & Muneeza accepted everything. She knew that she did say a word or two but if everyone had read between the lines, they would’ve known that Fareeda magnified everything to benefit from it the most. Shabana also had no chance to succumb to the pressures because she saw that her family would end up suffering from every single angle be it financial crisis or social standing as they know it a bit too well that Mansoor’s association with them might come with a territory but has its own benefits too. Shabana & Masood tried to be a bigger person in this matter & apologized which was accepted halfheartedly by Muneeza & Mansoor. Even though they reconciled but Fareeda knows that she has planted the seed of doubt in their hearts & mind forever & it won’t take her a lot of time & effort to achieve her goal of separating these two families in the future.

Even though Ambar might come across as a spoiled brat, she has a lot of niceness in her heart & that makes her personality likable. She is just like any other girl, who behaves that way because of the way she has been pampered by her parents & then her fiancé. Ambar is independent & she doesn’t like reporting every single thing to Talha, which he finds a little hard to accept & that is why, he doesn’t take the news of Ambar’s participating in a college play a bit too well. Talha & Ambar might love each other but they have a personality clash where Talha wants to feel that he’s the one who has an authority in this relationship, but Ambar’s level-headedness doesn’t allow him to feel that way because she is not only opinionated, but she is independent too & she is not a typical girl who believes in reporting everything to her fiancé, that too which she chooses to do for herself in her life.

Ambar has come across as girl in college named Rakshi & seems like Rakshi has a humble background. Ambar & Rakhsi instantly form a connection because not only Ambar seems to like her, Rakhsi seems a little too impressed with Ambar as well & the moment Ambar starts a conversation, Rakhsi eases her way into her life without making anything seem effortful. Ambar’s friends are not a fan of an idea that Ambar has befriended Rakshi but Ambar doesn’t seem to mind as she is quite kindhearted in her own way.

Overall, this episode was done really really well & I am glad that even though the misunderstanding that Fareeda Apa created was huge, it was dealt & finished off within this episode & not only that, along with everything happening between the elders, the director gave enough time to the younger lot as well where he introduced the character of Rakshi at the right time. I am definitely looking forward to what is yet to come & I really hope that the pace, which for me is the strongest point of this drama stays the same till the end. I will say that the director has tackled this script with a lot of intelligence & I am really happy I decided to tune to this drama. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Thora Sa Aasman.

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