Naml Episode26 – Farzand-e-Nazneen – Mulzim Is The Beloved Child

OMG…what an episode, I am speechless and still in awe. I wonder how come the writer has managed to keep the interest alive because for me Aab-e-Hayat had lost it long ago although it is better now but Naml has been an exceptionally good collaboration of suspense, plotting, intelligent conversation, brave decisions and most importantly the hope and wisdom conveyed through the deeper meanings of Ayats.

Yippie, let’s talk about the episode, It was ah-mazing with everything starting falling in its place and Kardaars getting ready for their horrendous end.

Team Faris or Farcissism ?:

I was sure that Faris is up to something but I never knew he was such a dau number insan, that he not only teamed up with Ahmer Shafi but also made sure Dr. Sarah to speak out in the court. Good job Faris ?

So guys Stapine’s fans are back after knowing that Ahmer is still a human and is working as a personal  F.B.I  agent for Faris…hehe
Haneen I wasn’t expecting this change because I thought she is still struggling but it was great to see her acting to her potential and saving her beloved family. When Dr.Sarah’s kids were kidnapped I thought it might be Haneen because Faris had already revealed her dau numberi by letting Haneen to meet Aabdaar and made sure to let her feel used. That ‘H’ initial was scary though.
Hmmm, the passport mystery is still there so my guess was wrong but I am still not able to believe that Hashim has got this all without any effort, it was just a phone call and Hashim had all the pieces of the passport…ghar ka banda hint points towards no other than Sadaqat.
How come Haseena got a brand new Samsung Mobile? Wondering right!

Team Zumar: 

The part where Zumar comforts Saadi in the kitchen and informs how to answer Hashim’s questions was heart touching.Haaye, class main dihaan diya hota tou pta hota is law ka! Haha you nailed it Zumar. Your confidence is top notch and I loved the way she made Hashim feel stressed.
Oh, so the news of killing two people shocked everyone but ThankGod Zumar saved the day for us….pheww
Dear Saadi, you have been through a lot but you are back with great lessons and the convo with Dr.Sarah about straight path was par excellence, I had to read it twice Yeah twice and Namlians surely know this reason…right? ?
How many of you think that Team Zumar is boring? Or we can rephrase it…Which team is interesting?
Kardaar converting to good! 
Ahhh, the most awaited moment for me that repenting part was there in this episode but in a very unexpected manner and from someone I never thought of….Naushervan Kardaar, I couldn’t believe my feelings I had when I was reading this I was so happy to read it.The tranquility I felt is impossible for me to pen it down because sometimes words can never fathom the real emotion.
Roshni dikhaai bhi kisne, Saadi.
Apne dar ko face karna chahiye! 
Shehreen ne aakhir kch kaam ka kiya atleast Sherru knew what he should have done long ago.
Naushervan will InshaAllah eventually be a better human and I am over the moon to have known about it.
The dialogue with that man was a new way of showing hope for people who are guilty and are ready to convert themselves for good. We love you Nemrah Ahmed for depicting hope with no better words than this.
Javahirat…end of trust!
Aabdaar was not to be trusted at all so Jewelry aunty had to pay the price for her one crime yes one because after knowing about Arangzeb I don’t know how Hashim would react! A huge lesson for those who leave no stone unturned for their children even if it is wrong… that materialistic approach got you jewelry aunty :D and I don’t feel for you…sorry :P
Hashim Kardaar …had to mention him: Honestly Hashim is overconfident about his skills and this will lead him into  serious problems…I can’t define how I was relieved to see him stressed out…you deserve it Hashim…now everyone is going against him, he is left alone. Zumar rightly said if Hashim was a decent man not just Zumar every other girl would have been his FAN.. but here lies a big” IF”…Sigh
Oh the funniest part though or one of the funniest part apart from Zumar and Faris’s teesri shaadi shosha..:D  was Soniya’s Birthday Theme Party !!! and the theme was “Finding Dori”… I was interested to see Aabdaar, Hashim and most importantly and rightly selected character Javahirat…the Shark. Can you imagine the Shark with dripping blood from its teeth and besides her lies the dead body of Aurangzeb! Haaye…such a horrible picture.
Character development: 
The change in every character is written magnificently and I would rate it 9/10. I still expect something more from Haneen’s character.
The pace of this episode was excellent and it was surely a 10/10 win.
Predictions and Expectations:
Let’s do some brain storming here.I think the passport and Usb is stolen by Sadaqat.
We need answers for these questions:
1- Will Hashim literally kill a person or was it killing by words in court the writer meant?
2- If it is killing will it be Naushervan?
3- Who was that ghar ka banda who stole the Passport and Usb?
4- Will Saadi ever reveal the name of the killer behind Aurangazeb’s death?
5- Will Abdaar ever leave Faris?
I hope you enjoyed reading this review.Do share your views about the episode..wanna hear more guesses and predictions.Naml is going to end soon and surely Namlians would throw a party for Yusuf’s success.Can’t wait for it either.
Asma Jamali

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