Thora Sa Aasman Episode 10 Review – Things Are About To Fall Apart!

Thora Sa Aasman Episode 10 Review – Things Are About To Fall Apart!

Ohkay so, the story & the direction is one thing but another thing that is working for me the most in this drama is the pace. I love how the director so far has succeeded in keeping all the episodes quite happening. The way the story has been developing in each & every episode is making it a very interesting watch. I like how things are not being dragged & every episode brings a lot of changes with it.

We got to see how Mansoor was struggling in his marriage with Muneeza. Mansoor has been an ideal husband & a very good father, he never faltered in fulfilling his responsibilities but seems like Muneeza got a little too comfortable in her life that she forgot that she had some duties towards her husband too. Muneeza & Ambar are very much alike, they both are stubborn & love to have things their way, but one thing that sets Ambar apart is the kindness in her heart & how she puts her privileges to good use. Muneeza on the other hand is quite self-absorbed, which is why she has started taking Mansoor for granted & she doesn’t even realize it. For the first time we saw that Mansoor started drawing some comparisons between his wife & his secretary who gave him the utmost attention, which actually suggested that things were about to fall apart & Muneeza was not doing anything to help the situation further!

Things have been quite rocky between Shahista & Kamal too. On the surface, they might seem like a perfect couple, living a life of luxury but only Shahista knows what she is going through because the remembrance of her lost child hasn’t allowed her to move forward & accept her kids because she is still stuck in the past. Shahista till date hasn’t forgotten about Shaheer & that is why, she decided to hire someone to find him.

Rakshi saw how a single phone call from Mansoor was enough to put an end to her misery, may be that’s why she got a little more attentive towards Mansoor as she wanted to compensate & reciprocate the kindness he has extended towards her so far & that is what gave Mansoor an edge to draw a comparison between Muneeza & Rakshi. Muneeza can’t stand Rakshi & that is why she flipped out the moment she found out that Mansoor has not only hired her but has been spending time with her. Shabana used that card to get back at Muneeza because till date, Shabana assumed that Muneeza & Mansoor had a perfect relationship, but when she spotted Mansoor with Rakshi, she realized that Muneeza’s position wasn’t as strong as Shabana always thought it was.

I like the fact that just when things start to settle, the director introduces new set of characters. This time around, we got to see Roshaan, Mansoor’s son who came back from abroad after completing his studies. Then we also got to see Fatima & her kids. Fatima has raised 3 children out of which 2 are the twins that Zarka gave birth to, that made an appearance in this episode. Both the siblings shared a typical sibling moment with each other where the brother teased his sister & she was mad at him. I enjoyed watching the new entries & I must say, I am really really happy that finally Fatima’s character has made an entry again in the story, which definitely tells that things are going to get a lot more interesting.

So, Ambar once again told Haroon Kamal how she can’t stand him & how she doesn’t like his attention or his company. May be that’s why we saw what Haroon Kamal did by planting a seed in Mansoor’s mind that he should get married to his secretary for the sake of business. Haroon Kamal is someone who always believes in getting back at the person who insults him & he always settles the score in a very odd way, so this is what made me feel that he told Mansoor to get married to Rakshi because he knew that this way, Ambar will suffer emotionally & that will give him immense pleasure of ruining her perfect little life where she has been a center of everyone’s attention, especially her father’s. Haroon Kamal understood that Ambar was a tough cookie to crack, so that is why he targeted her Achilles heel & targeted that relationship which he knew would hurt & affect her the most.

Even though Mansoor was thinking on those lines, but a little bit of push from Haroon Kamal was enough for him to wage a war against Muneeza, that is why, the moment Muneeza tried to confront him, Mansoor told her that she was just a liability in his life, nothing more nothing less. It seems that even Rakshi has started to spend time with Mansoor & may be she has given him some kind of hope, because of which he gave Muneeza such a harsh reaction when she spoke against Rakshi.

Overall, this episode was quite happening too. In this particular episode, I liked how there wasn’t a continuity between the scenes, even though everything seemed a little haphazard, that is what kept things quite interesting. A lot of things were happening at all the fronts & everyone was dealing with one thing or another, which made the episode quite engaging. I must say, the director has tackled this script brilliantly so far & I am sure things are going to stay the same till the drama will last. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Thora Sa Aasmaan.

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