Thora Sa Aasman Episode 13 14 Review – Interesting Developments!

Thora Sa Aasman Episode 13 14 Review – Interesting Developments!

Ohkay so, these episodes of Thora Sa Aasman were quite engaging & interesting. The consistent pace has always remained the strength of this drama. The director surely has given it a perfect treatment & there are no loopholes in the direction that were necessary for such a serious themed drama.

So, finally Rakshi showed her true colors & now when she saw how secure Mansoor made her in this relationship, she started exploiting his trust on her too. Rakshi ended up telling Ambar that Mansoor married her, while she had no reason to because she was at this stage where Mansoor could never throw her out of his life despite the suggestions of his wife or daughter. Rakshi very conveniently twisted the truth in front of Mansoor, which showed that she is in this relationship only for herself and not for any other reason, not even Mansoor.

The moment Muneeza and the entire family finds out about Rakhsi & Mansoor’s marriage, the hell breaks loose & everyone starts questioning Mansoor followed by blaming Ambar for bringing Rakshi into their lives, only to destroy everything. Muneeza thinks just by bribing Rakshi, she will be able to save her marriage only to find out that Rakshi had some other intentions too. Rakshi never wanted to share her husband, infact she never wanted to share his wealth, that is why she tells Mansoor to divorce Muneeza. Mansoor actually proved that he was a simple minded person who could easily get manipulated that is why he ended up doing what Haroon Kamal & Rakshi told him to do. If Mansoor had known that Haroon Kamal was the wrong support system he was depending upon, he would’ve never ever allowed a conniving man like Haroon Kamal to make a fool out of him. Mansoor ended up divorcing Muneeza while also estranging his beloved child Ambar. Safiya & Roshaan stay with Mansoor only to see what Mansoor would do, but they are left shattered when they see Rakshi in their home.

Looks like Zarka is going to make an appearance again. She might pursue her singing career & I am sure she will very soon come across Haroon Kamal. Shahista’s search for her son continues & they get a step closer by finding out that the couple who adopted him ended up giving him to a woman named Fatima. The scene where Shaheer, Saani & Samar run into Haroon Kamal was done really well. That was the moment where Samar felt some sort of attraction towards Haroon & for obvious reasons. It seems Nayab has developed some feelings for Samar due to which she gets irritated the moment Haroon tells her to judge him according to to his social standing.

Samar, Saani & Shaheer have no idea what Fatima is hiding from them & what their life has in store for them too. Fatima has done well as a mother & she has shaped the characters of her children really well. It would be hard to see them falling apart because of Haroon Kamal’s shadow in their lives. Haroon has wrecked Mansoor’s life & I am sure, the tables will turn & Karma will play its part on him too. Haroon thinks he has a strong hold on his life & his destiny & everything that he has done won’t bite him but he will be proven wrong & I can’t wait to see that happen.

Overall, these two episodes were done well. I know the way things unfolded, they had to be conveyed through a lot of screaming & yelling but there came a time probably after 2 scenes or so where I had to mute the TV because I couldn’t handle all the noise. All the actors conveyed the feelings of their characters really well & the director did a great job too. I hate to say it again but I didn’t like Yasra Rizvi as Fatima in this episode too, may be because I had a lot of expectations attached to her character that I am left feeling disappointed every single time I see her character being spoiled because of such a substandard performance. Anyways, please share your thoughts about these episodes of Thora Sa Aasman.

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