Titlee Episode 18 – The Affair!!

Every time Naila does something extremely selfish and reckless, you hope that this would be the last time she gets away with it and this would be the final nail in the coffin but the viewers have been watching her get away with so much for the past 15 weeks or so yet so far she has not paid for any of her mistakes. Naila and Rehan are no longer just flirting with each other but they are in “love” and much more closer to each other than they were before. The way Rehan’s feelings for Naila were shown suggested that he really was in love with her. I was expecting him to be an opportunist who was going to use Naila but that does not seem like the case here. Rehan’s sentiments for Naila however does not change the fact that both of them are doing something which is wrong on so many levels.
Although, I am still wondering why this extra marital affair is getting so much screen time but I must say that Naila’s frame of mind was yet again translated on screen flawlessly; the way she was suddenly okay with her mother in law staying at her place and the kids going to the grandparents’ house only because she wanted some alone time with Rehan. Naila has always been shown as someone who never suppresses her desires no matter how wrong they are therefore watching her go this far to make herself happy without thinking about the consequences was completely in line with her character. The only thing I don’t like is the way this romance is being shown.

Ahmed has once again started falling for every lie Naila tells him although he knows just how greedy Naila is. There are times when he gets fed up but every time his beautiful wife wears a pretty outfit or talks to him nicely, he forgets everything!! When Amir made that remark about Naila, instead of sharing his true feeling with his brother, he actually got offended. The change in Ahmed’s character was covered in the past so many episodes therefore watching him act like this does not make a lot of sense. he decided to move in with Naila and work on this marriage because that is what his parents wanted but how could that decision, which wasn’t even his, change his attitude altogether towards his wife? This track makes me wonder if good looks really do “help” people like Naila get away with so much. Naila’s parents are completely out of the picture for now.

Titlee has been a very realistic play which could still convey a strong message to all those women out there who think that their good looks give them the license to walk all over other people and also that beauty is skin deep. At this point however, the drama is being stretched and although it is still entertaining but my patience is wearing off. I thought this was going to be one of those dramas in which viewers see gradual character development but now I am pretty sure that we will see a major change in the characters and the viewers will watch the climax only at the end of the show.

Will Ahmed find out about the affair in the next episode? What do you think? Do share your views about this episode.

Fatima Awan

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