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Tonite With HSY- (Iman Ali & Shehzad Raza)- Episode 12

One of my favorite things about this show is the variety. There are many hits and misses yet I can’t help but appreciate the celebrity guests on the show. HSY brought forth fashion icon Iman Ali and the photographer par excellence- Shehzad Raza. I did a double take when I saw Iman walk in. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Alishba Yusuf. Iman looks gorgeous on screen but she looked very shabby on the show. Removing her shoes and having her legs up on the couch didn’t help either. One of the most surprising revelations was her lack of self-esteem. She thinks of herself as ugly and suffers from bouts of depression. She is anti-social for the most part and fears getting close to people who may see her ugliness! She agreed to the interview because of HSY and took it a little to casually- aaj toh hum shughal laga rahey hain… Iman spoke about her films, her preference to work with Shoaib Mansoor and her hopes for taking up comedy/ action roles in the near future. She has been vocal about women’s issues and shared her own story of living with MS (multiple sclerosis), a debilitating disease but one she’s tackling without medication. She said every illness starts with the mind and once you can program your mind, you are on the road to recovery. She mentioned that she has a small support system which is why she is eager to bounce back with good health and continue working.


Shehzad Raza, known as a king-maker came across as very down-to-earth. He felt there’s no pleasing people but he tries his best to remain politically correct. Shehzad said that it infuriated him to be known as Ather-Shehzad but he eventually became accustomed to it. In recent times, there has been a massive trend of people turning to photography but Shehzad Raza feels the DSLR cameras do not make one a professional- talent nahin agaya, yeh toh technology ka kamaal hai! He added that social media has turned many people into overnight celebrities due to their interactions on the likes of facebook and twitter. Many of them lack talent but have seen a boost in their popularity due to social media. Shehzad has introduced his own master make-up collection with Lucious Cosmetics– a feat he is extremely proud of. Similar to last week, Sheru asked what they had to say to the following:


Ayaan– Shehzad said wapas ajao magar zara patli hokay and Iman added that she needs to change her hairstyle. As a model, it’s a deal-breaker to maintain the same hairstyle for that long.

Imran Khan– Shehzad said that he should curb his enthusiasm and Iman felt the same- thori aqalmandi se kaam liya karein… zara easy hojayein.

Tapu Javeri– Shehzad said that he should do more work and Iman said she doesn’t really know him but she is a fan of the work he has done with Vaneeza and Amna Haq- her inspirations for taking up this line of work.


The contests started with Love or Don’t Love and both of them didn’t shy away from responding on those they didn’t love. Iman was first and she said she didn’t love Shaan as a person since they share a love/ hate relationship but as an actor, she feels no one can match his screen presence. She also named Imtiaz Ali and Nazaw Sharif as people she doesn’t love but didn’t state any reasons for her dislike. Shehzad named Nabila Maqsood, Jahan-e-Khalid, Sahir Lodhi and Shehbaz Sharif as people in the Don’t Love Category but later clarified himself and said Shehbaz Sharif has done wonders for his city and Nabila he doesn’t know on a personal level. Ajnabee Kaun Ho Tum had Faraz Manan calling in for Iman and Natasha calling in for Shehzad. Finally, the last round presented an opportunity for Iman to mimic Meera and she went all out. I don’t care how casual one may be but when you’re invited to a show, there is an expectation to be presentable. I was surprized by Iman’s chilled out attitude- even more when she said she does the same at high-end restaurants! I think these things can easily be edited since these are not live shows and moreover, the guests stick to a script of sorts. What were your thoughts about this episode?


Yours in watching,

Kanwal Murtaza