Tonite With HSY – Mahira Khan And Hamza Ali Abbasi

This particular episode of Tonite With HSY actually came as a pleasant surprise not because the format of the show was changed in any way but it was refreshing watching Hamza Ali Abbasi being candid and fun for a change. We have been watching him play serious and tragic roles for years now, we watch him getting emotional and sometimes too worked up over different issues and he is never candid on social media! I am so glad that in this episode of Tonite With HSY besides talking about things which Hamza Ali has talked about many times before, the viewers got to see another side of him which showed that he has a really nice sense of humor and he is totally capable of being adaptable! I have to say that Hamza Ali Abbasi made this show a lot more entertaining and the relationship Mahira and Hamza share definitely was another plus point. I have to give HSY credit for calling those guests on the show who get along perfectly which makes the show more fun if the celebrities involved do not get carried away and are not there to send certain messages across!

The way HSY interacted with Hamza and Mahira both showed that he genuinely respected both his guests which also made a great deal of difference. For a change however he did not give his guests a leverage but gave some pretty difficult questions to answer. Having said that, I don’t understand why Mahira Khan’s fixation with Shah Rukh Khan is always blown out of proportion in every single interview. The first half of the questions Mahira Khan answered focused solely on her experience of working in India and more specifically with Shah Rukh Khan. Mahira Khan answered questions about Shah Rukh Khan like she was there to tell people about him and not about her own self! Also, I was shocked to find out that Mahira found the filming experience in Pakistan “pinching” after doing only one film in India. Her explanation for that statement was even more disappointing. Although, I greatly appreciate how far Mahira has come as an actress but the fact is that she isn’t too good at expressing herself in talk shows. This is the reason why some of the questions she answered left me wondering what exactly she was trying to convey. Mahira Khan’s energy however added more life to this episode.

There was a good reason why Hamza Ali Abbasi won the hamper in the end, he was definitely more blunt while answering the questions and was not there with an agenda unlike few other celebrities who came in the previous episodes. I also felt that the questions HSY asked Hamza Ali Abbasi were more relevant to his career, like the question about Maula Jatt and him not being part of JPNA2.

In my opinion, the segment in which HSY invites some other guest to come and talk about themselves besides the main guests should be chopped off so that he can focus on the main guests even more. I felt like he did not ask Mahira Khan enough questions regarding her career in Pakistan and I also felt like Mahira Khan did not give the Pakistani viewers/her fans the credit they so deserve which had to be the most disappointing part of her interview. When she said that Hamza told her that the Pakistani fans made her what she was, I was hoping that she would acknowledge them but she gave the Indian fans just as much credit which was not fair! I have to say that I expected better from a star like Mahira Khan who got so much love from Pakistan. I am all for our celebrities going to India and working there but it is sad when their interviews are so calculated to make sure that no one in India gets offended by something they say!

I am going to be extremely honest and say that after watching this show I like Hamza Ali Abbasi a lot more and Mahira Khan slightly less! And yes, with all due respect whoever told Mahira Khan she could sing was lying!

How many of you watched this show? Do share your thoughts about it!

Fatima Awan

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