Titlee Episode 21 Review – End It Already!

This was another episode with absolutely no character development. Naila’s stubbornness and selfishness knows no bounds and Ahmed is equally forgiving and compromising! This drama still has some positive aspects and it is somewhat enjoyable but it is clearly being stretched. Also, Amna’s reaction to the entire situation was difficult to relate to because she was never close to her mother. A kid will naturally be disturbed if the mother is no longer around but her refusal to stay at her grandparents house and the change in her behavior was difficult to relate to. Naila has been shown as one of those people who even exploit their own children and never have the time for them and Amna clearly despised her mother after what she had seen. The only reason she ran away from the house was because she wanted to be away from her toxic mother therefore all of sudden watching her miss her mother made no sense. Ultimately, this turned out to be the reason why Ahmed went back to pick Naila.

I have said this many times before and I feel the need to say this after watching a new episode of Titlee every week; Hania Aamir has nailed this character faultlessly. She is so good that even now there are times when you question Naila’s father and brother’s decisions just as much as you do hers. It is a fact that they never paid heed to her approval when they were going to marry her off. This of course does not justify her actions but they are at fault too. Ahmed turned out to be a very compromising and caring husband therefore naturally the viewers felt for him and hated Naila for making him suffer. Another reason why Naila is largely at fault is that she used Ahmed many times when she had no one else to rely on emotionally and even financially. In the beginning Naila was not greedy which is why she was never attracted to Ahmed because of his financial status but gradually she got used to all the luxuries which were always at her disposal and then although she did not feel anything for her husband but she stayed with him to enjoy these comforts.

Although I am dead against men hitting women in our dramas but this particular thappar in tonight’s episode was very well deserved! Also, I appreciate the fact that for a change we are watching a husband who did not immediately divorce his wife because he comes from a family where divorce is not an option. Normally, Ahmed’s reaction would have been unconvincing but since we have all seen how he has been brought up therefore it was easy to connect to his character. The only aspect of this track which I did not like was that Ahmed didn’t take a lot of time to forgive Naila. He even showed he was willing to compromise when she was storming out of the house. Had he calmed down a few days later, it would have been far more believable.

Right now, Rehan has been continuously reassuring Naila of his support and in one of the previous episodes he was shown thinking how things would have been if he had met Naila earlier. I am pretty sure he won’t be this supportive once Naila is relying on him alone and I hope that the change in his behavior is covered in a convincing manner. Although, I truly admire Ali Abbas’ acting skills but the change in his outlook continuously throughout this episode was terribly annoying. Naila’s parents made an appearance after many weeks tonight and the way the episode ended today showed that the writing and the direction of this drama is not the same as it was before.

Another week, another episode but not much has changed. Waiting for this drama to end decently and hoping it happens soon!

How many of you watched this episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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