Tonite With HSY- (Vaneeza Ahmed Ali & Deepak Perwani)- Episode 10

Tonight’s episode brought together three icons of Pakistani fashion- HSY, Vaneeza Ahmed and Deepak Perwani. Vaneeza has always struck me as an intelligent woman coupled with elegance. She refers to herself as a business owner. She has been the face of Vlawn for many years and is moving to opening up her own outlet. She stated style as being subjective- she draws inspiration from various cultures and thinks it is constantly evolving. Motherhood has transformed her life completely and her baby Inayah has helped her reevaluate her priorities. Vaneeza spoke about her husband Ali, and how she had known him for 18 years but it was facebook that brought them together in the end. In retrospect, she stated that she might not have taken up certain projects but she feels there is more to come. However, she made her stand very clear that she would never do an item number- especially since she wants to become a role model for her daughter. Speaking about the current generation, Vaneeza stated that there is extreme jealousy and competition nowadays and botox and cosmetic surgery has taken over.

Deepak Perwani, one of the leading designers in Pakistan was recently awarded as the 6th biggest brand in the world. In his own words, Deepak stated that he is obnoxious and insane- a complete control-freak, he exercises control on all elements of the designing process. He works with only two assistants because he strongly believes that too many ideas can ruin a good thing. He loathes stupidity and procrastination. He feels criticism shouldn’t come from someone who doesn’t know the art of designing but in the same breath he added that he is too big to discuss names. Vaneeza took the liberty of asking both Sheru and Deepak why they design short outfits that are not the norm in Pakistan. Deepak stated that his clientele is such and if he were to design more conservatively, he would be termed as designing bhehenji waley kaprey. I liked Vaneeza’s retort- business toh bhehenji se hi araha hai.


As far as social media is concerned, Vaneeza avoids it completely- she likes keeping her life private. Deepak is on twitter and facebook but he added that he doesn’t like how social media has replaced traditional media and human interaction. Both of them said they took up acting because they were bored of doing the same thing. Vaneeza added that modelling requires one to hold a single expression whereas acting allows you to take on a variety of roles/ expressions and emotions. Deepak said that acting therapeutic. Both the guests stated that the models currently aren’t maintaining the standards seen earlier- na shakal achi hai, height ka issue hai, models hi nahin hain…

Finally, it was time for the contests. Love or Don’t Love had each guest answering to all 10 pics- I don’t see the point of bringing up politicians though. I think it serves no purpose and no one wants to know their political affiliation or lack thereof. Ajnabee Kaun Ho Tum had Nadia Hussain calling in for Deepak and Adnan Siddiqui calling in for Vaneeza. Neither could guess the callers so they were tied going into the third and final round. The Q & A round had Vaneeza answering more of her questions to ultimately win the Rs. 50,000 Contradictions voucher. I have said it before and I will say it again, the guests couldn’t care less about the prize- the contests are a waste of time and no one ever seems genuinely interested to play. Other than that, it was a fairly okay episode. What did you think?

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Kanwal Murtaza


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