Top 6 art universities and colleges in Pakistan

Art institutions revolve more on hands on, physical activity based learning combined with research techniques. These universities cater to diverse, creative mindsets who can showcase their talent to the world through their artwork, be it in the field of fashion designing, graphic designing, fine arts or architecture. Here’s a list of top 6 art universities and colleges in Pakistan which you can enroll into if you’re looking to excel in this field:

Beaconhouse National University (Lahore)

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is a private liberal arts university located in Lahore. The university opened in 2003 with it’s first branch in Gulberg and later made a state of the art campus in Tarogil district, Raiwind. The art institute offers courses in bachelors of fine arts, graphic design, film and television, fashion design, textile design,jewellery and accessory design. Renowned personalities from BNU include artist Rashid Rana, musician Haroon Shahid, actress Zara Noor Abbas and many more.

Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (Lahore)

Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design is a public design institute located in Johar Town, Lahore. PIFD opened up it’s first institute in 1994. Affiliated colleges are also located in Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Quetta and Faisalabad. The institute offers degrees in fashion design, textile design, product design, jewellery design and fashion marketing. Many renowned personalities have been part of the institute such as fashion designers HSY, Maria B, Maheen Kardar, Kamiar Rokni and many more.

National College of Arts (Lahore)

National College of Arts is the oldest art institute in Lahore. The educational institute opened up in 1875, long before Pakistan even came into being. The campus offers degrees in musicology, architecture, fine arts, film and television, interior design and many more. Another campus of the university is also located in Rawalpindi. Notable alumni from NCA include actor and singer Ali Zafar, Indian socialist Bhagat Singh, miniature painter Sumaira Tazeen, architect Nayyer Ali Dada amongst many others.

Asian Institute of Fashion Design (Karachi)

Asian Institute of Fashion Design is a private design and fashion institute which opened in 2000. It is located in Teen Talwar, Karachi. The university offers degrees in fashion design, textile design, fashion marketing and merchandising, design marketing and merchandising amongst others.

Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture (Karachi)

The prestigious Indus Vallery School of Arts and Architecture opened in 1989 and is located in Karachi. It is a high ranking private institution which offers degrees in interior design, textile design, fashion design, architecture, fine arts and communication design. Notable alumni of IVS include actress Sarwat Gilani, sculptor Adeela Suleman and many others.

Karachi School of Art

Karachi School or Art is a private design and art institute in Karachi which was established in 1964. When the university was founded, there was little or absolute zero exposure of art in the country, except for maybe NCA. The university offers courses in design, textile and media arts. 4 years degree and diploma is offered in fine arts, communication design, textile design and digital media. Short courses in design, photography, drawing and painting amongst others are also offered.

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