Tum Yaad Aye – Doll Nay Maari Laat! – Episode 19

Tum Yaad Aye – Doll Nay Maari Laat! – Episode 19

This drama at times seems so normal, run of the mill and you sit back comfortably as if driving down a traffic less road and then a twist comes up like a speed breaker and jolts you out of your reverie. We were left wondering last week what all the fuss about Mehtaab leaving her first husband for Yusuf Kamdar was all about and although I have to admit I have come out none the wiser at the end of this episode, Zainy seems to have taken matters into her own hands and ended up where she wanted to be all along.

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Phuppo and Co arrive at Yusuf Kamdar’s house to ‘formally’ ask for Zainy’s hand in marriage. Although with Ahmer walking in rolling up his sleeves phadda style seemed hardly polite! As expected, Mehtaab is indignant they would have the nerve to show up and make such a demand and asks them to leave. I was not surprised to see Zainy come back and say she is ready to leave with Ahmer but the fact that she had already done the nikkah with him had me taken aback. Appears I was not the only one for even Taayi and Phuppo were not aware of this development. It was sad to see how Zainy was all spite and venom when she left her home. I found it odd how Sherry missed out on all the hungama and showed up only after Zainy had left.

It was a relief to see Yusuf and Sherry not blame Mehtab for Zainy’s actions. Nigar however is a different story and all I could hear beneath her rants was ‘I told you so’ and then she delivered the beti baji ki bhaagi hai tau roag hum kyun paalein? which just further proved how she had never accepted Zainy as one of them. I liked Sherry’s conversation with Nigar, how he was not just pining for a lost love but was genuinely upset that Zainy had turned her back on them and walked out on them when they had always considered her as one of their own. ‘She was our doll. Uss ko dekh kar hum jeetay thay, who hasti thi tau hum hastay thay, takleef ussay hoti thi tau hum rotay thay’. Well, doll nay laat maar di and did not think anything of all the people she hurt in the process. I watched this episode just before I left to pick the kids from school and as I sat parked outside school I glimpsed upon  my daughter’s library book lying in the car ‘ Naughty Amelia Jane’ and I thought why hello Zainy what are you doing here?!


I have mixed feelings about Mehtaab and Yusuf Kamdar. In the constant ping pong of emotions between ‘Ahmer loves Zainy, Ahmer loves Zainy not’ I have gotten all confused myself keeping track of when exactly Mehtaab opposed this relationship and when she herself okayed it. I did feel though that after Zainy’s suicide attempt and Ahmer’s coldness, Mehtaab was right to take matters in her own hands for being a parent you need to draw the line between giving into your child’s demands and knowing when something is clearly not right for them and step up. If marriage really was the only solution then I would not question it except that it really should not have been with Sherry. Mehtaab may have felt he was the best choice for Zainy but this was really too close to home. Literally. Whatever Mehtaab feared, did happen and although Sherry and Yusuf are being very supportive and are treating her with the relation they have with her and not as Zainy’s mother, it could still have gone all horribly wrong. Mehtaab herself feels ashamed by Zainy’s actions and it was sad to see her ask for Sherry’s forgiveness.

Much as I find Zainy bratty, I can not help but laugh and even approve of how she deals with Novera. She is seriously one hell of an annoying friend squirming her way into Zainy’s family. On another note, did anyone else find the dress Nigar was holding for Zainy’s wedding much nicer than the one Zainy ended up wearing? Mehtaab’s comment about support system seemed very odd to me but then there are things in this drama with regards to relationships and customs that seem odd so will let it go but what was the conversation between Phuppo and Taayi all about regarding valima expenses? Why was Mehtaab expected to pay for the valima anyway? Taayi is seriously shameless and Phuppo seems to be the only sane one amongst the lot.

I found Zainy’s ‘sharam karo who baray hain’ and ‘Sherry bhai ka kia kasoor’ very lame I am sorry to say after she all but spat on the people who had given her nothing but unconditional love all her life. It is not her parents’ fault that they could not keep up with her and Ahmer’s on and off confused romance and if she really had decided to walk out then the way it was staged was tasteless.


I was so glad Sherry asked Mehtaab the question that had been burning in my mind too – was there any truth to the accusations Zainy had hurled at Mehtaab and Yusuf? Mehtaab’s answer did not enlighten me however – did anyone else make more sense out of it? Please do share if you did. I did find it funny though when she said that her and Yusuf’s personalities were not the sort that people would give their lives over. Haha.When Mehtaab rose from her bed with her beehive higher than ever I thought she was going back to work but she goes to Zainy’s college to get a glimpse of her daughter. I like how Yusuf knew where she had been and comforted her in the end.

I found myself watching Nigar’s reactions the most in this episode. Erum Akhtar’s acting was spot on when she spoke to Sherry and her expressions aptly switched from being pained to see her brother hurt and anger at Zainy’s shallowness and the underlying ‘I told you so’. I rarely comment on any individual’s acting in this drama because each actor and actress fits so well into their characters that I really do see beyond the actors and believe it is the characters on screen. Next week’s preview shows trouble brewing between Ahmer and Zainy (that was quick?!) and Zainy missing her family. Wonder if Novera will make her move now? What did you all think of these developments? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid