Tum Yaad Aye – Episode 25

Tum Yaad Aye – Episode 25

Well! What a happening and fast paced episode this was! My emotions were like a ping pong ball flitting between sympathy, dislike, anger, awe – you name it and sometimes contradicting emotions for the same person! Although Yusuf is going all out to help Zainy feel welcome in his home again, he would time and again tell her that she must not do anything that would upset Ahmer. Sherry, however feels that Yusuf is encouraging Zainy to act against her husband’s wishes and that if ‘Baji hoti iss situation mein tau Zainy ko kabhi encourage na kartein’. I have to say Sherry’s conversations with Yusuf are interesting for I mostly can not tell whether it is anger or his own feelings which he is scared of or Zainy’s best interests at heart that makes him say all the things he says to his father. Nonetheless, no matter what he thinks or says – in the end it is what Yusuf decides that happens and Sherry accepts.

Novera’s prolonged stay in Islamabad somehow gave the impression that things were not right between her and Sherry in the last episode. Let me rephrase that – for things have never been right between the two, but somehow we were given the impression that there was some mystery shrouded in her absence – but apparently there is nothing of the sort. Novera returns and is besides herself with anger and indignation to find Zainy visiting again and that nobody thought to mention this ‘development’ to her. Just in those couple of moments I felt for Novera when  Sherry is short with her on the phone and she returns saying she felt the ‘udaasi’ in his voice. But her antics later on in the episode quickly crushed any little sympathy I had for her. Yes I know she has brought this all upon herself. She wriggled her way into Zainy’s home and marriage by being Nigaar Apa’s chamchi and I snorted when she even used the ‘what will Apa say’ card about Zainy’s return. Sherry’s love for Zainy was no secret to her and her insecurity and pettiness makes her act out in ways that by no means bring her closer to Sherry. I thoroughly enjoyed the standoff between Novera and Zainy in this episode too and yes, Zainy has been immature, ungrateful, rude etc and I do not know why but I loved when she said to Novera – ‘jaisi bhi – but hoon iss ghar ki beti’! And also how she was confident about her own ‘place’ in Yusuf’s house – if only she had been that sure and confident about all this earlier then she would not have been swayed by Ahmer. Ah well, spilt milk and all that!

However unreasonable we may think Ahmer is being by forbidding Zainy to visit her father’s house, it is a decision she made when she walked out on them. And while he could relent by letting her visit her father, I can not say I fault him for not wanting her to go to the same house that Sherry lives in, given that he knows Sherry is/was deeply in love with her and was engaged to be married to her. Whether he is wrong or right to tell her not to go to her parents’ house, Zainy is not right to be going behind his back – in my opinion. She has every right to go visit her father but then she should tell Ahmer, argue over it, be firm – whatever mode she chooses but not sneak behind his back. Ever since their marriage I have truly wondered at their relationship. The lovestruck Zainy and desperate Ahmer seem to have faded away but it has not even transformed into a comfortable, loving relationship either. Ahmer at times seems genuinely to care for Zainy and Zainy – I do not know what she feels for him.


Anyhows, this all blows up in Zainy’s face when Novera brings it all out in the open in front of Ahmer. I liked how Sherry did not interfere between Ahmer and Zainy’s conversation but then had a go at Novera later, LOL! Novera – what a piece of work this woman is! You know in my previous couple of reviews I had said that Ahmer would have to do something seriously despicable to have Zainy dislike him and well Ahmer physically manhandled her, tore up her admit card AND locked her in her room! Matlab, road to redemption par aana bhi chahay, he would not even be able to find his way on to it! Where would he start! I am confused though as to how Yusuf finds out – did Zainy call him? And how in the world did Zainy escape – for that window was broken but it had bars across it I believe? I know Zainy is stick thin but still!

I have to say – I truly enjoyed the faceoff between Ahmer and Sherry. Sherry has always been the quiet, broody character and to see him stand up to Ahmer and threaten him – ‘oonchi awaaz mein humein bhi baat karnay aati hai Ahmer ‘– was really a treat to watch. Ahmer showed how low he can stoop – I am sure he can stoop lower but khair – when he said Zainy’s character was faulty. Yes, Zainy has been a brat and she makes these silly choices but I did feel for her when she sat at her mother’s grave and said ‘mein kahan jaoon’.

Pyaar tau tum nay kabhi kiya he nahin Zainy, kia hota tau tumharay leeyay duniya say larta. Kis haq se mein awaaz doon.’ Aww! Sherry was upset when Zainy left him for Ahmer but he took the rejection gracefully although he was not impressed with how Zainy had been rude to Yusuf and Mehtaab. His anger really kicked in when he saw what a toll it took on Mehtaab. He loves Zainy though, but is married and so is Zainy and it is so true that Zainy never loved him – at least not in the way he loves her. Gosh, I feel like I am writing about those romantic novels I would read, haha! Yes, ideally we would say he is married and should move on, etc – but kia karein, I truly want Sherry to be happy and if Novera was a sweet girl I would hope the marriage works but it seems that things will only worsen for she has taken Zainy’s return very badly and is resorting to petty little tantrums now. She is constantly comparing herself to Zainy and how Yusuf should feel the same for her, a disillusion he is very happy to crush with his ‘sorry baita but aap mein Zainy jaisi qaabliyat he nahin’ which really did make me laugh. From Novera’s point of view, he probably came across as mean but well she does ask for it I think!

I was surprised to see Sherry siding with Novera over Zainy being made to go back to Ahmer. True, Yusuf sounded a bit out of line saying her exam was more important than her marriage but then he reasoned that if she is unhappy and has made a mistake then by no means does she need to live with that mistake for the rest of her life. I am glad he is sensible and open minded about it. Novera harping from her high horse about how quarrels are common between a couple would probably not be as convincing if Sherry had treated her that way.

At this point, the thing that bothers me is if Zainy suddenly falls in love with Sherry. She wants his love and friendship back but there is the constant ‘bhai’ factor and with this being the 25th episode and the end seemingly near I will not be able to stomach a sudden, undying passionate love for Sherry. Agha Ali has really outdone himself in this drama. We ooh-ed and aah-ed over Asher in Humsafar – well, at least I did but Agha Ali has portrayed Sherry so well that he gives Asher stiff competition and more than Zainy, I want Sherry to get his happy ending, whatever that may be! Each episode has a few well written dialogues that really make me pause and say ah! The writer, Naila Ansari is new to me and I do not know of any of her other plays but she done a good job with this drama. Also, Big Bang productions I have noticed of late have these distinctive features (not necessarily good) that stand out such as the constant daylight glare in Mera Yaar Miladay, the awkward closeups in Socha Na Tha to name a few – but as far as I can recall this play has thankfully been kept clear of such gimmicks.

Although I feel it is time for the drama to begin wrapping up, I did thoroughly enjoy today’s episode. How many of you felt the same? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Kunwal Javid