Tumhare Siwa – Episode 06 & 07!

Honestly, this drama is the funniest drama ever. I enjoy watching it because it’s one of those serious dramas that you derive comedy out of because otherwise this drama serves no purpose of entertainment whatsoever. This drama is good to be watched if you have like a 100 messages on Whatsapp to reply to, because trust me it will run in the background & won’t disturb you or get in your way & I say this because trust me, I know, Whatapp messages are more important than concentrating on Tumhare Siwa.

These two episodes were hilarious to say the least because they defied common sense, logic, direction, acting & basic story. Tumhare Siwa is a drama that has 3 miserable families that are dealing with each other. Two families are miserably dependent on one & another & the third family keeps on backbiting about them miserably too. I really think Tania & Babar need to get a life or if not, they should actually go somewhere far away from Aazar & Rania because all they do is talk about how ignorant Aazar & Rania are. Honestly, if Tania would’ve said all this about her brother & sister in law, it would’ve made sense because 1) she can be a typical nand & 2) she is pretty idle these days but to see Babar having a say only about his wife’s brother & his wife while sipping a cup of tea or coffee makes him look like an agony aunt who only cares about family politics but is not even an iota worried about how batameez his son is growing up to be & also not about the hideous shade of foundation that differentiates his face from his neck that too miserably as well.

Rania goes like ‘dunya mohabbat karne walon ko ye saza deti hai’, she asked such a deep (coughing sarcasm) question to Aazar because she thought whatever their miserable couple was doing for another miserable couple was right but then, this says the lady who herself is involved in a medical insurance fraud by getting her husband married to her friend, lol! I mean Rania really needs to wake up from her deep slumber because things normally don’t roll that way where people get their friends & husbands married every single day. What they did is something stupid & if people are passing comments on it, then she should just accept all the hate gracefully!

Funny thing is, Samra waited for her Iddat period to get over making me think that Iddat khatam ho gai lekin Samra khatam nahi hui. I really think when she had this much of time remaining, then why couldn’t they come up with a better plan or option like let’s say making a Facebook Fund Raiser Page for Samra with the title reading ‘Save Samra’s Life’, because trust me, that would’ve earned them enough amount in a very little amount of time as well (& trust me I have seen that happening too). The doctors clearly said she hardly had 2 months left but funny is, she survived the mental trauma, a divorce, an iddat, a re-marriage to Aazar ‘BHAI’ & also survived through the time period that the UK consulate must’ve needed in order to process her & her ex-husband Arsal’s visas!!!

Oh, I learnt new details in the previous episode where Molvi Sahab did mention stuff like ‘Samra Ahmed WALD Jameel Ahmed’, showing that Samra does have a father named Jameel but where is Mr. Jameel? Why is he so oblivious of his daughter’s medical condition? I really fail to understand why these 6 people namely Aazar, Rania, Arsal, Samra, Tania & Babar have no relatives to turn to at all? No Chachi, no Pupho, no Maamoon, no Taya, forget about these no Ammi Abbu? :/

Honestly, when they know that Numair’s a goon in disguise, why can’t they supervise their kids’ every time they are ‘playing’ together? How much time does it take to just keep a check on them? Sorry to say but to see Samra & Neni in the hospital at the same time made me think that the writer’s too much in love with the idea of beemar mareez & beemaris. The conversation Tania had with Babar about Aazar being infuriated over what happened with Neni was just so bizarre because it actually told us that the writer & the director had no content to add in this episode therefore they told Tania to come up with whatever dialogues popped in her mind to actually cover a few seconds of this content-free episode. I really think they are pushing their luck by giving coverage to Neni & Dani thinking that would stir some emotions or sympathies in us but sorry to be bursting the bubble here, those macro-shots of Neni with the ketchup-clad face made us feel absolutely nothing for her & oh, I wonder when Samra & Arsal went to UK, why didn’t they tag Neni along? At least she wouldn’t have been used so casually by the writer to move the story forward & more like filler in this episode.

Oh, the preview of the next episode was hilarious. I hate to say but this star-crossed couple has failed to stir any sympathy at all. I am sure Arsal will leave Neni & Samra on Aazar’s mercy because he is done with his part & then the actual drama will begin where we will witness some cat fights between the love & misery struck trio of Aazar, Rania & Samra. Oh well, as much as I have seen of this drama, I am sure those cat fights would be more interesting than to listen to baseless & meaningless conversations (if they even qualify as conversations) of Babar & Tania!!! Please share your thoughts about this Friday Masterpiece of HUM TV namely Tumhare Siwa & let me know how eagerly are you waiting for the next episode. ;)

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