Tumhare Siwa – Episode 03!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking if you’re in a mood to watch a story & characters that lack depth, you’re definitely going to enjoy Tumhare Siwa because it’s more like a one-dimensional drama that has kick-started purposelessly. So far, 3 episodes have gone by & we only know about the situation that the leading pairs are dealing with but we have no idea about the characters & I really think that is what will prevail right till the drama’d end. I think the writer here has left a lot on us to decipher & I think we can turn the characters into whatever we’d want them to be.

As far as I could understand, Rania is an impatient person who wants things happening her way. Even though she is being impatient to save Samra’s life & she is ready to sacrifice her husband even for the sake of her best friend, but like I said, she is impatient, therefore it won’t be too long for her sympathy to turn into jealousy & then hatred because going by the promos, that’s exactly going to be her case. Just when Rania & Aazar proposed the idea to Arsal & Samra, Rania then & there grew impatient because she thought they were taking too long to come to a decision, like hello girl? You’re telling someone to wreck their own marriage & you don’t want them to think things through?

I really must say, I was shocked the way they added the bit of some Molvi Sahab with faux beard trying to tell them what to do. Like seriously, why do they always have to justify such things using religious personalities? It looked like the writer here tried to tell that he did his homework properly before writing a story that’s why a say from Molvi Sahab was much needed & also needed to justify his writing. I mean the suggestion that the Molvi Sahab gave was something that Aazar & Arsal should’ve known by themselves because that was no rocket-science like; Arsal would have to divorce Samra before Aazar could marry her but I think Molvi Sahab forgot to speak about another important part of the divorce which is ‘Iddat’. Like so many readers commented on the previous review that Samra has 2 months left as per the doctors & if she gets divorced, she’ll have to observe Iddat for 3 months 10 days, so how does this plan work for them & also it makes me question the credibility of the Molvi Sahab involved because at least he should’ve known better & he doesn’t look knowledgeable enough after not being able to highlight such an integral part of their plan.

Like it was understood, Samra didn’t give a green signal to this thought because she can’t see herself parting from her husband Arsal but Arsal is in a mood to go ahead with the plan as he can lose everything in the world but not Samra, but like excuse me, sorry to be bursting the bubble here but what’s the guarantee that Samra would recover properly after Arsal will do the Rukhsati of his Biwi with his Bachpan Ka Yaar, lol sorry but I can’t take this story seriously! So yes, what makes them think that this plan will work, yes, they are eager to save her life but I am sure as the story will progress & more negativity will slide in, that alone would be enough to snatch Samra’s life away from her, so going ahead with this sickening plan is anything but intelligent.

Honestly, the way Rania is dealing with this situation & the way she is eager to turn her best friend into her sautan made me think that she’ll be the one who’d want Samra to pay her back through her life, so she shouldn’t just push her luck because to be honest, Rania should know that she doesn’t have such a big heart to see all that happening in front of her eyes, right under her nose & her roof. I think the writer here was quite impressed with an American system of how people resort to paper marriages to deal with such legalities & how often they get themselves covered for medical insurances by getting married to random strangers but well, it’s time to wake up because this is Pakistan & things don’t roll that way. I hate to see the way they are bringing in such hideous ideas into the Pakistani market & introducing them to Pakistani viewers because no one appreciates this Mr. Writer!!! Anyways, share your thoughts on this hard-to-sit-&-watch episode people.

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