Tumhare Siwa – Episode 04!

LOL! What’s gone into HUM TV program planners? I am sure a lot of people will agree with me on this that the last thing we want to see on our screens as a Friday Night entertainment is a group of ill people who have nothing but terminal diseases & transplants to talk about. Like, being in Middle East right now, Friday night is supposed to be our weekend & honestly, Tumhare Siwa is definitely not a perfect idea of a weekend entertainment.

I think Aazar doesn’t realize but he has taken a lot from Arsal already & is bent on taking more. First his ‘Gurda’ & now his ‘Samra’? Like honestly, I think Arsal needs more sympathy than anybody else in this drama because he has given a lot more to Aazar than he realizes, but yes, I have a question to ask which I am asking out of sheer curiosity & that is regarding Arsal & Aazar’s jobs? Like being Pilots, transplants & a missing kidney didn’t cost them their jobs? Please enlighten me about this issue with your answers. :)

So, once again, Tania & Baber are missing a lot out on life because they are not doing anything about it & are only worried about Aazar & Rania. I think Tania & Baber need to go out for a holiday or indulge themselves in some activity because they are wasting their lives & our time due to sheer fixation with those who are least bothered about them. Tania & Baber’s conversations are so repetitive that I can easily mute their scenes & know exactly what they are talking about because they have nothing else to talk about!!!

Neni’s declining health forced Samra to agree to get married to Aazar & get medical help because now she wants to survive for the sake of her daughter. To be honest, this drama has given a highlight to some unique treatments for such serious diseases that we have never heard of, like Samra getting married to Aazar ‘Bhai’ to survive. To be honest, Samra referring to Aazar as Aazar Bhai seemed so force where I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes.

Finally the faux bearded Molvi Sahab showed up again & he reminded Arsal about how Samra won’t be his wife anymore so there are certain boundaries that he’d need to take care of but I so wished that he’d talk about the ‘iddat’ too but seems like that important aspect of divorce didn’t cross his mind too & he was focused on delivering the dialogues that were meant to be muted by the editor later.

Finally, Samra has signed the divorce papers & she is not married to Arsal anymore but she chose to stay in the same house but then all this is pretty confusing considering how they ignored Iddat, they wouldn’t have given a though to Samra’s whereabouts too. The preview suggested that Samra would be forced by her Sautan Rania to stay at their home because apparently those people who have never made an appearance are talking about them. I really am sure that from now on, they wouldn’t focus on Samra’s deteriorating health & would focus on the misery of the newly divorced couple, lol! I must commend the writer for introducing such a unique treatment for a lady who is suffering from illness. The direction of the drama is mediocre & the sound quality of this episode was absolutely poor too because quite a few times due to a lot of bass, I really couldn’t figure out what they were saying. Please share your thoughts about this masterpiece.

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