Tumhare Siwa – Episode 05!

Ohkay so, on a scale of 01 to 10, this drama scores 100 points for being cringe worthy. I really thought by this time HUM TV admins would’ve understood that this drama is not a perfect idea of viewers’ entertainment but sadly, they continue to disappoint us. I really hope that the moment some good drama is ready to be broadcast HUM TV puts it on this slot & shifts Tumhare Siwa to some other time slot where it doesn’t bother anyone.

To be honest, this drama is full of glitches & if you’re doing some personal pampering like foiling your nails or in a mood to give yourself a pedicure, you can let Tumhare Siwa play in the background because it doesn’t require your utmost attention to understand what they’re up to & what turn the story’s taking because they have no story to begin with actually.

So well, the only topic that was discussed throughout this episode was how Arsal & Samra are na-mehrams & how it isn’t appropriate for them to live under one roof & guess who was the one most concerned about this whole fiasco, yes you guessed it right, it was Tania who has no life whatsoever & who isn’t even friends with Samra & Arsal as well. At least, I was relieved to hear the word ‘iddat’ being mentioned in the right context but then as much as iddat is important to be observed, I guess Samra’s treatment is equally important too & that brings me to this question that when Samra fainted, the doctor suggested them to take Samra for the treatment without a further ado so then how come getting her divorced from Arsal, waiting for Iddat & then getting her married to Aazar seemed like a brilliant idea to all four of these not-so-intelligent people? I mean every single minute which goes by without Samra having herself treated is a minute wasted so why are they ready to wait for 3 months till she gets married to Aazar & gets her medical covered because if I remember properly, the remaining time span that the doctor predicted that Samra had was only 2 months? It just doesn’t seem right, does it? That is why I believe that this drama is full of glitches & the writer had no grounds to introduce the dusri biwi scenario but he just went ahead thinking people won’t try to fish out for some sense in this senseless story but sorry to be bursting the bubble here Mr. Writer, we wouldn’t just let it slide so easily if every time a so-called writer tries to insult our intelligence.

The most hideous bits of this episode were the conversations that the so-called innocent kids Neni & Dani had with each other, where they went ahead & discussed details like sleeping patterns of their parents. Which kid does that because if you guys know any such kid, you should talk to their parents for not raising them properly? I really am so ticked off to see how they try to emphasize the fact that the kids are very innocent, yet they depend on them heavily to take the story forward by having them discuss such serious issues like divorce & difference of opinion that a couple often has which leads them to have a fight or two. The details Nani Jaan Neni & Dada Jaan Dani discussed were gruesome & to hear such words from kids of their age made it even more disgusting. I really hate to say the way they use Namoona Numair as a goon is ridiculous too. I think this is going to be the pattern they will stick to, Neni & Dani will get a good beating by Numair after every 3 – 4 episodes & Tania will get even more coverage than she deserves. Also, had someone actually figured out the role Babar has in this serial, because as far as I could understand he has nothing, absolutely nothing to do in his life but still he talks big trying to make himself seem useful than he actually is.

It is ridiculous how Rania is ruling Arsal & Samra’s lives. I think instead of focusing on how to built a wall between Samra & Arsal, they should just let her be because the mental trauma that they are causing her can push her to death as well & Samra was right in stating that too. Instead of going to such lengths to save her life, they themselves are shortening it by depressing her even more. The promo of the next episode suggested that Aazar & Samra are going to get married but I really don’t understand how Samra’s still going to be alive if 3 months have passed already & she didn’t even get started with her treatment? Oh, also, they will show that Aazar hasn’t even gotten married & the Sautan in Rania has already been born, how exciting & new right? LOL! Anyways, share your thoughts about this masterpiece please.

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