Tumhare Siwa – Episode 17 & 18!

OMG! What did I just see!?!?! Like seriously, this drama has crossed the brain-dead zone ages ago & now they are just filling the episodes to reach the end because they had a certain number in their minds which they thought were enough to get them ratings & profits. This drama is made on such commercial basis because other than that I see not even a single reason that justifies the point of this drama.

Before saying anything, I think if anyone from any intelligence agency of the world is watching this drama, they should hire Naani, Daani or that kid-goon Numair because they do the reporting in a split second perfectly. Just when Naani saw that Baber was misbehaving with her mother, she knew she had to call her Papa # 2 & later when Tania showed at Samra’s doorstep, Naani gave reports about her visit to Aazar, proving my point once again that in this drama, the kids are being used to do the heavy lifting while the adults are too busy sorting the mess that they themselves have created in their lives.

Ohkay so, Baber has fallen for Samra, which is absolutely pathetic & later when he understood that Samra was way out of his league, he tried to sham her reputation by suggesting that it was Samra who was trying to make a contact with him. The whole baarish mai bheegna & later sofa pe aa ke behosh ho jana was a plot that set the grounds for something even more disastrous that happened between Samra & Aaazar. I really don’t understand Samra’s condition, where she looses senses just when she feels like & regains her senses when she shouldn’t actually!!! Samra & Aazar have now started to fall for each other because now they are seeing themselves as each other’s spouses. Aazar contacted Molvi Sahab just to find out that Samra is his wife, as if he didn’t know before getting a bit too comfortable & chummy with her.

Samra says she feels guilty because she thinks she is wrecking Rania’s marriage, which literally makes me want to push her into a deep pit because nothing that she will say now would undo the fact that Samra has successfully snatched Aazar away from Rania. If Samra was so conscious before, she wouldn’t have gotten a bit too chummy with Aazar.

After Awazar of Aahista Aahista & a few more, I really thought I had seen the worst male characters but honestly speaking, I am surprised that our current drama writers do not fail to surprise me till date. After all those miserable men, here comes Aazar who is beyond my understanding. He still thinks & says that Samra is Arsal’s wife, but doesn’t hold back in building a marital relation with Samra & then, there we have Rania who is dying to get back to Aazar, thinking that he can never deceive her. Why didn’t we see Rania thinking things through about the fact that when she was at her mother’s place, Aazar didn’t bother about her or Daada at all? Rania is living in a fool’s paradise to believe that she means everything to Aazar, which I believe any sane person wouldn’t claim after seeing no attempts of reconciliation from her husband. Aazar didn’t even call her once to come back & there we saw her leaving his place on her own terms & then packing her bags to come back to him on her own terms too!!! Talk about being Pakistan’s most unwanted at the moment!!

Well, if there’s one thing that Samra believes in, that is sympathy seeking. Just when she saw that the divorce was on cards, she started speaking about how bechari & bebass she is, how she will be forced by the destiny to join all those becharis out there who tend to fend for themselves. All of a sudden Samra started magnifying her issues & problems in front of Aazar to make him realize that she is literally handicapped & she can’t do anything on her own, so that he decides not to divorce her. It is so stupid of Samra that she still chooses to ignore the fact that no matter what, she has to get up on her feet & do something about her situation & if not even for herself, then for her Naani at least. I think after all that Samra has gone through, her ignorance-is-bliss mode makes no sense whatsoever. Where she should be practical, she is treating her whole life with so much immaturity. That whole dialogue that came after Samra’s drama where Aazar mentioned that she is Arsal’s wife was soooo out of the line. Seriously, the writer needs to be checked by the psychiatrist for making a mockery of the martial relationships so badly!!!

I am glad that Baber & Tania both got slapped in different ways. Where Baber got slapped physically, Tania got a verbal slap too where she was told off by Rania to not interfere in her life anymore. Tania all of a sudden has started harbouring these feelings of concern for Rania whereas there was a time when she used to hate Rania for bossing around her brother Aazar. Like seriously, Baber & Tania are just added headache provokers in this drama, but oh well, I guess they all are the same!!! Please share your thoughts about this senseless drama & openly share your detest so that the producers understand that this is exact the opposite of the entertainment that we expect from them!!!

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