Types of emotional baggage we carry with us

Emotional baggage are feelings which weigh us down and make it difficult for us to carry on with our day. We all carry some sort of emotional baggage within ourselves. These can be feelings of anger, sadness, guilt or any other such emotions. Let’s look at the different types of emotional baggage there are:


Anger is a natural emotion which leads to a lot of heartbreaks, words which should not be said and eventually guilt. Anger leads to cutting off relationships, whether it is with friends or family or your partner. Holding on to anger means we won’t be mending your situation with the said person which is totally unhealthy. Anger can also cause many health problems such as depression, eating disorders, etc.


Guilt can really eat you up during a relationship. Maybe there is something you can’t share with your partner and the more you keep it inside you, the more it strains your relationship. Maybe you cheated on them but had no intention to or you keep thinking or a past relationship. Hanging onto such guilt becomes troublesome for a lot of relationships. If you and your partner trust each other, it is best to confide in each other to let go of the feelings of guilt.


Regret stems from doing one thing and not the other because you thought the other was right. It can be an one going process and leave you in a vicious cycle which can be hard to come out of. But in all honesty, we can’t really predict the future, so we should learn to be happy in the moment and let go of the feeling of regret. Stop treating yourself as any less of a great human being and be proud of your achievements.


The fear of the future is much much worse than the fear of what has gone past. Especially in a relationship, when time goes by, we become fearful of our partners intentions, their feelings and commitment. This causes us to overthink situations and create scenarios in our mind which may or may not be true. The only way to overcome this is to communicate well with each other and be truthful about everything especially the future.


Stress can really wear a person out, in turn causing them to become moody and resentful towards others. Many people believe stress co-relates to being productive, but that can’t be true. You can easily mess things up if you’re stressed out.


Telling a lie to save oneself from an unfavorable situation can leave feelings of shame. Or if you think, you would be judged upon certain circumstances, you resort to not speaking the truth. Every person is in a scenario because of a certain purpose, so no need to feel shameful or remorseful for that purpose. Be confident and take things on as a challenge.

Self judgement

We often criticize ourselves for situations which are not even in our control and end up feeling bad about it. This self judgement can really leave us depressed and worried.

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