Udaari – Episode 5

This episode of Udaari was engaging, touching and all the developments in tonight’s episode were executed brilliantly. Meeran and Illyas’ love story came to an end with this episode, Sheedan and Sajida’s friendship also ended in this episode, Imtiaz got the kind of support from his wife which will gave him even more confidence to execute his evil plans and Arsh and his friends got the call for audition. All these developments just like the previous episodes of this drama were covered flawlessly. The credit for this goes to the entire team.

The best thing about this episode was the way Sheedan showed support for her daughter. Even though Sheedan had just found out about Meeran’s love affair and was not happy with her but when her daughter told her what Imtiaz had done she did not think twice before confronting him! The confrontation did not end well and nothing good came out of it but it was truly refreshing to watch a mother trusting her own daughter and not the person who attempted to violate her. Imtiaz is the kind of person who everyone trusts  blindly, even Sheedan’s own brother supported him by saying that this could have been a misunderstanding but her mother did not doubt her for a second. Now how often do we get to see such mothers in our dramas? We have seen more educated mothers in our dramas who come from affluent families doubting their daughters or not having the courage to confront the man involved because they are too afraid that no one will believe them. Sheedan’s personality traits coupled with Bushra Ansari’s powerful performance have made this character memorable. Sheedan is not educated, in fact she is not even respected by people, she is looked down upon because she is a ‘mirasi’ but she is much more intelligent and enlightened that all the other characters in the play. Sajida only believes Imtiaz instantly because of what her sister told her about Meeran. This incident happened only after her sister warned her therefore she had more of a reason to take sides with her husband. Sajida forgot everything that Sheedan had done for her for all these years and said things which were very bitter. This particular scene was touching and extremely powerful. It was good to see Samiya Mumtaz at her best in this scene. Watching Sajida regret what she had done later on and Imtiaz convincing her that she was right was an interesting addition to this new development.


After the conversation with his friend Imtiaz felt like he had the license to cheat on his wife. So far he was shown as a perverted man but now he is a perverted man who thinks he has the right to do anything he wants to do because his wife is not good enough for him. Imtiaz has never been true to Sajida but he has never made her feel like she is inferior on her face either but things are going to change in that department as well. Sajida has cut  herself off from the only person who truly cared for her and now she is all alone with a man who is completely fake and very dangerous. Ahsan Khan yet again nailed every single scene in this episode because of his effortless performance.

Even after hearing that Illyas is getting engaged, Meeran was still in denial. It was really good to see Urwa Hocane’s toned down make-up in the last scene and especially in the preview of the next episode. She acted superbly in tonight’s episode.

The subject around which the central story of the drama revolves is a very tricky one to handle but so far the writer and especially the director has made sure that the subject of child abuse is handled sensitively. We know that Imtiaz has been playing ‘secret games’ with Zebu but so far nothing upsetting has been shown. Imtiaz and Meeran’s scene was also handled really well in tonight’s episode. Besides the drama has additional tracks because of which it doesn’t get too dark or depressing. The happenings and the characters definitely have an impact even though everything has been shown in a subtle way. The acting and the direction of the play is so fabulous that you feel like you’re watching real life stories unraveling on screen. Bushra Ansari has played many characters in different dramas but Sheedan is definitely the most outstanding of them all. I thought she could never outdo her character in Bilquees Kaur but she has done just that in this play. Sheedan’s character is much more strong and positive.

The preview of the next episode showed Meeran and Illyas’ final meeting. It also showed Imtiaz mocking Sajida because he thinks he deserves better! The way he looked at Meeran in the preview of the upcoming episode went to show that he was not going to leave her alone.

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Fatima Awan

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